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Updated on Jul 15, 2019. Posted on Jul 8, 2018

21 Interactions Between Strangers That Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

The world's not all bad.

1. This lovely moment between strangers at Target:

jellybeanbitch / Via

2. This random act of kindness for a kid:

Brian Smith / Facebook / Via

3. This conversation between a cab driver and passenger:

4. This funny moment between strangers on the beach...

jol_cesar412 / Via

5. ...and this one, too:

GallowBoob / Via

6. This neighborly interaction at the grocery store:

7. This unspoken act of kindness between strangers on a train:

8. This newfound group of friends...

zidanetribal / Via

9. ...and THIS new squad, too:

10. These neighbors working together to help true love bloom:

Snowmega13 / Via

11. This cute moment between a sushi chef and customer:

rageholy / Via

12. The bond these two random commuters share:

13. This interaction between a baby and a dude on a plane:

14. This awesome moment between a cashier and a customer:

15. This sweet little interaction between a baby and a stranger on the bus:

annybananny / Via

16. This powerful moment shared between a makeup artist and her customers:

17. This funny movie theater exchange:

18. This harmless little prank:

ThePhyrexian / Via

19. This sweet family moment a stranger witnessed:

butts12369 / Via

20. This emotional letter Charleston wrote to his new neighbors:

lilly47 / Via

21. And finally, this heartwarming exchange between a proud dad and some Starbucks customers.

H/t to r/wholesomememes

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