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Answer These 12 Questions And We'll Tell You Which Generation You're From

This quiz is scarily accurate.

  1. Have you ever taken care of a Tamagotchi?

    Katy / Flickr Creative Commons
  2. Was your closet filled with Paul Frank apparel?

    Sharyn Morrow / Flickr Creative Commons
  3. Do you know who this is?

    Joe Maher/Getty Images
  4. Did you spend hours organizing your Top 8?

  5. Do you know what the yellow heart means on Snapchat?

  6. Did beg your parents to buy you a skinny scarf?

    Fredrick M. Brown / Getty Images
  7. Did you ever get a virus on your desktop after using LimeWire?

  8. Did you ever have chunky highlights?

  9. Have you ever tried to learn the dance moves from this music video?

    Jive Records
  10. Have you ever used this card?
  11. Did you own this phone?

    T. Mobile
  12. Do you know who this is?

    Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images

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