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15 Reasons Why Vaccinating Your Kids Is The Worst Thing You Can Do For Them


A few days ago, Rockland County, New York issued a state of emergency after experiencing over 150 measles cases over the last six months. This happened last Tuesday. This year. In 2019. Not 1473.

A New York county has banned unvaccinated children from public spaces as it faces the worst measles outbreak in almost two decades.

In fact, measles cases are apparently on the rise all over the world! Again, this is in 2019 AD, not BCE.

In 2000 America declared measles “eliminated”. Now cases are on the rise again

To which I say, that's a great thing! I mean, just consider all the positives!

1. I mean, look at how fun this looks!

Polio Ward Takke a look at Life before vaccines

2. I'd love to hang with my boys a little more!

@MollyJongFast These people rise to political power just to tell everyone we’re doing it wrong- we don’t need public health organizations . Yea things were awesome before vaccination. Good times, good times

3. This looks great!

Letters from those who experienced it: What life was like before vaccines via @DrWaiSun

4. Would love to live in a world like this!

Children in an iron lung before the advent of the polio vaccination. Many children lived for months in these machines

5. I mean, doesn't this look comfortable? Don't you want your kids to live out their entire life in this?

Imagine living your life in one of these. Vaccines save thousands of children from polio. Don't debate... Vaccinate!

6. Honestly, this doesn't look too bad!

Timely review on what Measles looks like from @CDCgov:

7. Measles looks like a great time!

8. Doesn't this look fun?

Why you better #vaccinate your kids, @aaronecarroll on the danger of disease outbreaks


9. Don't you want your kids to experience this?

These two boys were exposed to smallpox. One was vaccinated, the other was not.

10. Looks cool to me!

@PaulineHansonOz this is what Smallpox,Polio and whooping cough look like

11. That's the good stuff!

We’ve forgotten what communicable diseases were like before vaccinations. Today’s blog post in honor of National Public Health Week examines the history of communicable diseases and vaccinations. #NPHW

12. Can't we go back to the good old days BEFORE vaccines devastated our children?

This is what smallpox looks like in the 1960's. It was eradicated in 1980 due to vaccination. #Vaccinate

13. I mean, think of what vaccines do to your kids! Think of all the very fake side effects!

@mercola The Bridge children... before vaccines. Organic, non GMO diet of fresh non-processed foods couldn’t help them.


This is what life was life before vaccination.


Why we need to vaccinate against measles: 1 or 2 children die for every 1,000 cases,

I mean, why would you ever get vaccinated?

People say “well what did people do before vaccines/antibiotics/pasteurisation?” as if that’s an argument for going natural. They died, Carol. A lot of people died.

Just seems like a bad idea.