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People Are Sharing The Basic Rules Of Etiquette That Get Broken Every Day And It's Too Real

"Don’t talk on the phone in a restroom stall."

Let's face it: When it comes to etiquette, some of us might struggle a bit.


So that's why a recent Reddit thread asked users a very important question: "What is a basic rule of etiquette that everyone should know, but not everyone follows?"


The thread quickly went viral, as people started chiming in with the basic rules they wish more people would follow. Here are some of the best responses:

1. "Let others off before you get on."

Lightfieldstudios / Getty Images

2. "Listen to the content of what other people are saying before replying."


3. "When walking with several friends on a sidewalk, pair up two by two instead of everyone walking in a row so others can pass you on the sidewalk."


4. "Headphones aren't optional in a public space. No one wants to hear your music or your video clips playing."

Flamingoimages / Getty Images

5. "Be the fuck AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS when walking in crowded areas."


6. "You don’t always have to have an opinion on everything. Saying 'I don’t know' is fine."


7. "When someone is showing you a picture on their phone, you should not swipe left or right."

Jacoblund / Getty Images

8. "Don't touch people unless they say it's OK."


9. "If you’re mad at a company for some transgression, don’t take your rage out on the customer service rep. Chances are, this person has people freaking out at them all day for things they have no control over."


10. "Wash your damn hands after using the bathroom."

Brian Niles / Getty Images


11. "You walk in the halls the same way you drive in your car."


12. "Don't piss all over the toilet seats of public bathrooms."


13. "When staying as a guest with friends/family, pick up after yourself, help clean the dishes, and offer to buy them a meal or some beer to say thank you."

Deagreez / Getty Images

14. "Do not give out someone else's number without their permission."




16. "Cover. Your. Fucking. Mouth. When. You. SNEEZE."

Khosrork / Getty Images

17. "Don't text while driving, even if you are waiting at a junction and the light is red. Just put your phone away. You should be alert on the road at all times."


18. "Use the turn signal when appropriate."


19. "It's rude to fuck around on your smartphone when someone is trying to have a conversation with you."

Ridofranz / Getty Images


20. "If you’re sitting down, stand up to shake someone’s hand."


21. "Call before you come. Don't just pop over, out of the blue."


22. "Do not send unsolicited nude photos."

Lsophoto / Getty Images

23. "On an airplane with three seats in a row, there are two amenities to each seat. Window gets a window and an arm rest. Middle gets two armrests. Aisle gets an armrest and a little extra leg."


24. "Never ask someone when they're going to have kids. Never ever! If you’re asking, you don’t know the pain of infertility. You don’t know the pain of miscarriage. Just don’t fucking ask!"


25. "Wave a 'thank you' if somebody lets you merge into traffic."

Sarinyapinngam / Getty Images

26. "Don't give unsolicited advice. If you feel it's appropriate, ask, 'Can I offer some advice?' and respect their answer."


27. "Put up the divider at the grocery store after you put your food on the conveyor."


28. "Please, don't bite your fork when eating."

Choreograph / Getty Images

29. "If you're driving slow, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE LEFT LANE! It's the damn passing lane."


30. "Chew. With. Your. Mouth. Closed! I've seen so many people that chew their food with their mouths wide open and think its fine."


31. "Hand the cashier your money. Don’t just throw it on the counter."

Luckyraccoon / Getty Images

32. "Remove your backpack when getting on crowded public transportation and hold it by the top handle."


And finally...

33. "Don’t talk on the phone while in a restroom stall."

Nito100 / Getty Images



Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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