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27 Pictures That Will Make You Say "I Completely Forgot About That"

So many mems, so little time.

1. Carefully using a sharpie to write out the perfect tracklisting on a freshly burned CD:

2. Diving to the bottom of the pool and grabbing a faded, cracked ring:

3. Opening to the paper to try to find the most convenient movie time:

4. Standing in front of the prize section at the arcade, realizing you only have enough tickets for a tootsie roll:

5. Injuring yourself on a hot summer day on one of these bad boys:

6. Sitting in one of these plastic chairs on the hottest day of the summer, standing up and having the bottom stick to your legs:

7. Barely keeping your eyes open as your teacher used the overhead projector:

8. Creating the most beautiful work of art and carefully setting it on the rack:

9. Sitting on the bus on a cold, rainy day listening to your headphones:

10. Walking into your parent's room and seeing the world's oldest alarm clock:

11. Waiting in the doctor's office and trying to play this impossible game:

12. Going through the grocery store and just pulling on everything you could:

13. Running to the sink and filling up one of these cheap plastic pistols:

14. Laying in bed at night and looking up at the galaxies on your ceiling:

15. Opening a fresh box of cereal and having a brand new toy fall into your bowl:

16. Walking into the book fair gold mine on a cold October morning:

17. Walking through one of these busses, knowing you're in for an awesome field trip:

18. Logging on to the family computer:

19. Searching for the perfect movie only to find it's not there:

20. Laying in bed sick and taking a spoonful of the world's most powerful medicine:

21. Walking into the computer lab and being met with a rainbow of desktops:

22. Agonizing over the perfect smiley face to use:

23. Putting in a fresh VHS and seeing this screen:

24. Opening up a fresh jar of play-dough and knowing it will not get better than this:

25. Walking into the roller rink and embracing the old, leathery foot smell:

26. Building the world's biggest and best fort:

27. The putting your chair upside down on the desk at the end of a long, hard day: