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24 Food Facts That Are Completely Right And 100% Factual

I don't make the rules.

1. Reese's taste way, way better in holiday shapes:

Twitter: @vingrao

Easter, Christmas, hearts, you name it.

2. Coke tastes better out of a glass bottle:

Twitter: @ClaraisisR

Way more refreshing.

3. Spinach is a LIAR:

Every time.

4. Oreos with colorful frosting > regular Oreos:

Twitter: @SurvivingGrady

Halloween Oreos > all other Oreos.

5. Gatorade tastes better out of this bottle:

6. The fries at the bottom of the bag are so much better than the fries in the box:

Twitter: @nicebutnotborin

And so much better when they're not yours.

7. Mexican food tastes way better in a to-go box:

Twitter: @queenoftherodeo

Most food does.

8. Cereal tastes better at night:

Twitter: @helloitstomhere

Preferably at 2 a.m.

9. Sandwiches are 1,000 times better sliced into triangles:

Twitter: @thetakeout

I'll allow rectangles, too.

10. Ranch always tastes better at a restaurant:

11. Mini M&M's are way better than regular M&M's:

Twitter: @dom____lioto

And because they're tiny, they're healthier for you...right? RIGHT???

12. Avocados will hurt you:

Every time.

13. Mac 'n' cheese is way better when it's in shapes:

Twitter: @alisonn_1010

The nooks...the crannies...the perfection.

14. McDonald's Coke tastes way better than all other Coke:

Twitter: @kade6767

And McDonald's Sprite can sterilize a wound.

15. All water tastes different:

It's true.

16. These cookies? These cookies are the best. Especially unbaked:

Twitter: @seasonal_things

You read what I wrote.

17. You always need more garlic:

18. Dinosaur nuggets are way better than boring ol' normal nuggets:

Twitter: @spidertrans22

Dinosaur anything is always better.

19. Spaghetti is better the next day:

Twitter: @FoodieFoodFavs

When the flavors have REALLY set in.

20. There's only one way to get rid of the evidence:

Twitter: @ItsBaeFeelings

It's the only way to be safe.

21. Apples (and every other fruit, honestly) are better sliced:

22. Chocolate milk is better through a straw:

Twitter: @Lob_str

Everything is, really.

23. String cheese is way better pulled:

Twitter: @SargentoCheese

And this way, you're not eating like a BARBARIAN.

24. And, finally, food tastes way better when it's not yours:

Twitter: @keblackfuse

Or when someone else makes it for you. It's just true. Sorry.