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You Can Now Take An Online Class From Udemy Starting At $11.99, So Get Ready To Become A Genius

Hey, learning is fun!

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Hello fellow adults! Do you ever feel like there are about a zillion things you wish you'd learned in school but didn't? Ever have the urge to learn a totally cool new skill like photography or web development, but also hate leaving your house? Do you have a lot of other important things to spend money on and not want to splurge on often-pricey classes? I feel you.


Well, here's your first lesson: Udemy is a super cool online education platform where you can basically learn all the things. And right now, you can do it on the cheap!

IN FACT, right now BuzzFeed readers can find a whole load of awesome courses starting at $11.99!


So what are some of the awesome things you can learn? I'm glad you freakin' asked.

1. A masterclass in photography for beginners and pros alike, which'll teach you how to be better at everything from snapping pics to editing them, with everything from a classic camera to a smartphone.


Promising review: "I am definitely a visual learner, and after studying these charts and hearing the technical elements explained in various ways through videos, it felt like I had the information engrained in my brain for good. Now when I'm out shooting, I can adjust my camera as needed without second-guessing myself. This course built on the framework I already had, and taught me everything I needed to know about shooting in different lighting. Now I know how to shoot without over- or under-exposure, and I can shoot and adjust my settings much faster; moments don't pass me by anymore!" —BuzzFeeder Harper Hendrickson (check out their full review here!)

Original price: $199.99 (GUYS I TOLD YOU THIS WAS AN AMAZING DEAL).

2. A web development bootcamp so you can finally master the interwebs skills you've been saying you would for years.


Promising review: "Starting with no experience with code or web development knowledge, I think the instructors did a great job immersing me in this invisible world that most of us use every day. Darn exciting, frustrating, and inspiring. Colt, the primary instructor throughout most of the course, is engaging, articulate, and very knowledgeable. A really good teacher! The other instructors are also engaging and easy to follow along with. I think it's a great course!" —Rich Hudson

Original price: $199.99

3. An incredibly useful Microsoft Excel course for all skill levels so you can finally stop thinking of spreadsheets as your mortal enemy.


Promising review: "This was an amazing course and I'm really happy that I found it. Had I done this course earlier, life could have been much easier. I'm working on a huge database with 14,000 entries, and this course helped me do the data analysis that could take a month within a few hours. I really appreciate the effort made by the instructor in sharing his years of experience with us." —Muhammad Bilal Iqbal

Original price: $149.99

4. "How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps" for all of you who have Bobby Berk-level design aspirations but don't have the time or budget of a whole dang Netflix production crew.


Promising review: "The course description makes the disclaimer that it really only covers the basics of the basics, but I was okay with that. While much of the course was a refresher for me, interior designer/instructor Erikka Fogleman's straightforward 10-step method definitely gave me a more concrete sense of exactly what to do the next time I get to put a room together. Her systematic approach makes a TON of sense. It put what I already knew into a useful framework along with other things I *didn't* know (like how to draw a to-scale room plan and put together a lighting scheme). The full course is packed with all kinds of useful information and tips." —BuzzFeeder Natalie Brown (check out her full review here!)

Original price: $99.99

5. An American Sign Language level one course, because you should definitely take this amazing sale as a ~sign~ that it's time to expand your communication skills.


Promising review: "These videos are easy to follow, and I loved hearing the history of Deaf culture in the first two videos! I think that culture is vital to learning any language. I got a good understanding of why and how ASL began without feeling bored or antsy about moving past it all. Now that we're doing signs, I'm able to easily follow along with the videos to learn the signs. I love that the instructor goes slowly enough that if I'm having a hard time with the signs, there's plenty of time for me to figure them out before he moves onto the next one." —Erika Hellbusch

Original price: $39.99

6. A VERY important dog CPR, first aid, and safety class so you can be a better BFF to pups everywhere.


Promising review: "The instructor clearly is well-versed in pet first aid, has had years of experience with animals, and is confident in her knowledge to teach effectively to others. She not only covers the immediate information one expects from a PFA course (CPR, wound dressing, first-aid kit contents) but goes into depth on items one would not always think about concerning pet safety (visiting dog parks, pet-proofing a home, common items that lead to pet danger) and clears up misconceptions (all car harnesses are equally as good as any other). Thank you!" —Amanda Hieb

Original price: $74.99

7. "Cartoon Drawing For Absolute Beginners" so you can take your cute doodles to the next level.


Promising review: "I can't really draw. Yet 20 minutes into this course, I was able to draw little characters with expressions! It's amazing. I love the instructor's very logical approach to things. I'm still only halfway through this course, but I love it. Very well done! While the instructor himself does use digital drawing, I actually followed along with paper and pen and was completely fine!" —Mike Sweeney

Original price: $54.99

8. A guide to becoming the best Airbnb host ever, a class that'll pay for itself pretty darn quick.


Promising review: "Wow, I'm surprised to say that this guy's course is comparable to one I took that was charging $997! I love all his insider tips — you can tell he breathes, eats, and sleeps Airbnb and is an absolute pro. The photos and listing optimization tips are KILLER, and will pay for this course many times over with the increased bookings you'll get. So stoked to keep growing my Airbnb empire this year." —Sheri N

Original price: $164.99

9. A beginner yoga class for anyone who would much rather master the moves in the privacy of their own home, without having to spend an arm, a leg, and all the other limbs you're supposed to be stretching.


Promising review: "This course has clear explanations and helpful tips that are sensitive to the variety of possible challenges and needs faced by beginners and different bodies. The instructor's presentation and voice is natural and easy to follow." —Mari-Louise van der Walt

Original price: $44.99

10. And a lesson in growing your own veggies in your backyard, because the best kind of learning is learning that results in food, IMHO.


Promising review: "Although I'm barely halfway through the class, I'm finding the information invaluable and wished that I'd had what I'm learning on hand years ago in my garden. The things I've learned about gardening I've picked up through expensive and timely trial and error, but now I'm more confident that I have a more solid understanding to proceed." —Dennie C

Original price: $19.99

Looking to learn even more cool stuff? Check out all of Udemy's classes here!

And don't worry, it's okay to brag about how smart you'll be after taking these courses.


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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