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These Crash Survivors Are Posing Shirtless To Raise Safety Belt Awareness

"Belted Survivors."

There’s no such thing as too much awareness when it comes to wearing your seatbelt while on the road.

Now a company in New Zealand is driving that point home again with powerful images featuring shirtless car crash survivors with seatbelt burns among other jarring injuries.

The “Belted Survivor” campaign by NZ Transport Agency consisted of recreating these 10 real-life survivors’ injuries for this portrait series that’s getting a ton of attention. The injuries were recreated using makeup and special effects.

“To this tough, no-bullshit audience, seatbelts are an unnecessary accessory. Truth is, a seatbelt can be the difference between ending up injured, or ending up dead.”

The survivors were photographed in their own homes around New Zealand.

The campaign wanted to turn the guys' seatbealt wounds into badges of honor.

The whole thing was actually launched by the survivors themselves over their own social channels.

Audiences are really responding to this gripping series.

This is very strong work! Belted Survivors campaign is a stark statement on boy racer culture: https://t.co/7xMrK1E7Ij #Advertising #SeatBeltCampaign #RoadSafety #Boyracers #BeltedSurvivorscampaign #BeltedSurvivors #specialeffectsmakeup #specialeffects

Quite a clever campaign on #RoadSafety https://t.co/dp9n239Avo #BeltedSurvivors #Campaignforroadsafety #SaferRoadsNewZealand #inspirational

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