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ATTENTION ALL RESTAURANTS: Please Stop It With The "Fun" Bathroom Signs

This is an intervention.

Listen up, restaurant-goers of the world. We need to talk.

Fizkes / Getty Images

Have you ever been in a restaurant that was "hip" or "cool" or maybe even "spunky"? If so, that restaurant probably tried to do something "UNIQUE" with their bathroom signs. Y'know, something like this:

And folks, I've gathered all of us here at today to send a very important message to these establishments: This madness must come to an end.

pokemonstadium2 / Via

FIRST OF ALL, most of these signs are confusing as hell. Like this one: What is going on here???

Or what about this one? Am I a "brat" or am I a "bun"? I feel like all humans have buns???

Is this restroom exclusively for contortionists? Very unclear.

xxdeetxx / Via

If you stand here long enough you can probably figure this one out. But WHY OH WHY is the restaurant making us solve a riddle before we pee???

Look. It's 2018, and gendered bathrooms are kinda dumb! But if you INSIST on having them in your establishment, you gotta make that shit clear so people can use the restroom they're more comfortable in. THIS SIGN AIN'T IT!

But even worse than the confusing signs...are the sexist ones.

This shit is so obnoxious!!!!

Why are we nailing shoes to a door just to enforce a dumb stereotype? How is that easier than just putting up a SIGN?

Oh — and SO MANY of these "signs" are just straight-up genitalia.

Not only are these problematic AF, they're also just plain gross to look at.

Please stop making me think about people's junk when I'm trying to eat my lunch.

I don't want fruity penises and vaginas! I just want some WORDS on a damn SIGN.

Because at the end of the day, I JUST WANT TO PEE IN PEACE!


So cut this nonsense out, restaurants of the world. Just put up a normal sign. Okay. I'm done now. Goodbye.