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These People Did Bad Things For Wholesome Reasons, And You'll Go, "Wow, I'm Not Even Mad"

Their hearts were in the right wrong place.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the worst thing they did for a pure, wholesome reason, and the responses will warm your heart and make you feel a tad conflicted:

1. "When I worked at a grocery store's checkout years ago, there were numerous occasions in which I saw a customer examining their transaction and trying to figure out what to put back. So I'd 'accidentally miss' scanning an expensive essential item, like meat, detergent, or diapers."

2. "I cheated on my boyfriend when I was 21 years old. I knew he deserved better than that, but I didn't want to break his heart by telling him the truth. So I picked a bad fight with him, and let him break up with me instead. I didn't realize I was in love with him until afterwards."

3. "When I was in fifth grade, I took a karate class twice a week that I really liked and that made me feel more confident. But one night, I overheard my parents talking about their financial troubles and how expensive my class was. I heard my dad say they wouldn't make the electric bill unless they talked me out of karate to pay it. So the next day, when they approached me about quitting, I lied and said that I hated karate. But in reality, I had been working on my next belt color, and was really excited about it."

4. "I bought Christmas and birthday gifts for my son, and said that they were from his dad, who took off to be with some woman he met on the internet."

5. "My nana was in the hospital for two months with sepsis, and was in a coma for a week. My aunt took pictures of her every day to see her progress, and when my nana woke up and saw the pictures, she was so embarrassed at how sickly she looked that she didn't even want us to see her. Well, since it took a while for her to look like herself again, when I visited her, I took pictures of her with the Snapchat filter that slightly covers impurities. When I showed them to her, her face immediately lit up, and she was so excited that she looked better! I haven't told her the truth, and she doesn't need to know."

6. "When I was 13, my brother once had a really bad meltdown. Well, we used to believe that finding coins was a sign from our dead aunt that everything would be OK, so that night, I hid a bunch of quarters all over his room for him to find. He ended up calming down, and he still believes it to this day."

7. "My little sister's really sweet friend was being bullied by a mean girl in their PE class who made fun of her hand-me-down clothes. Well, one day, my sister decided she had finally had enough, and she made it her mission to DESTROY this bully during dodgeball. She came home one day to proudly announce that the bully wouldn't be bothering her friend anymore. She had hit her so hard in the stomach with a ball that she threw up!"

8. "Five years ago, I stole a dog from a neighbor's backyard to give it a better home. I had been watching it be abused and left outside all day without food or water. I called animal control, but nothing ever came of it, so I rehomed it instead. It now lives with a sweet family of four, and is thriving. No regrets."

9. "When I was at the grocery store as a kid, I would take things off the shelves and put them in weird places. I was convinced that I was helping the unemployed, that the store would hire more people to put things in their proper places."

10. "My sister was desperate for a job, so when a vacancy opened up where I work, my boss told me to bring her resume in. Well, a guy who works in a different department wanted the job as well, and when I went to drop my sister's resume off, I saw his contact info on the table. I was certain he would get the job because he wouldn't need much training, so I picked up his details...and threw them in the shredder."

11. "My brother was really sick with strep throat, had missed two weeks of high school, and was drowning in homework. So I did all of the assignments he already knew how to do for him, so he could focus on the new stuff without being so overwhelmed."

12. "I work in a food warehouse for a supermarket chain, and I have to stock food on a pallet and distribute it to cages for specific stores. If there's anything left on the pallet at the end, I'm supposed to report it to the office staff so they can determine which store it should go to. But instead, I usually put my excess food in the charity cage to go to the local food bank. The way I see it, we're all only a few pay slips away from needing to go to the food bank ourselves."

13. "Every year, my husband and I buy Christmas gifts for a single mom and her four kids — then we knock on the front door and run back to our car. She doesn't know the gifts are from us. We have been blessed, so it just feels right to give."

14. "When I was a kid, my parents signed me up in a popular karate dojo, and one day while I was in the girls' changing room, I heard a guy in there verbally abusing one of the older girls. He was calling her a bitch, slut, whore, and lots of words I didn't know but that I could tell were mean. Well, it turns out that the first match I was placed in was — of course — against HIM! So I delivered a roundhouse kick to earn the point, then as soon as it was called, I PUNCHED HIM SQUARE IN THE NOSE."

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Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.