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13 Grocery Store Shopping Cart Situations That Deserve A Round Of Applause

A shopping cart with GPS?!

1. This shopping cart that has a calculator so you have an estimate of your purchases.

Afrocean / Via

2. These shopping carts that have cages for animals attached to 'em.

victorarod / Via

3. This shopping cart that conveniently comes with a phone charger.

Evarr / Via

4. This distance meter so you can see how far you've traveled while shopping for groceries.

Hoppish / Via

5. This cart's magnifying glass so you can see the text on your grocery list, or read product packaging.

MyNameCouldntBeAsLon / Via

6. This cart's static discharge mechanism that makes sure you don't get shocked.

Scroty_McScrotface / Via

7. This shopping cart that has a store GPS so you can navigate with ease.

classifiedintrovert / Via

8. This store that provides miniature shopping carts for kids.

DickieJohnson / Via

9. This store that has baskets for people who do need help from employees, and those who want to be left alone.

feladirr / Via

10. This store's cart that has a list of commonly needed items and which aisle to find them on.

lannister77 / Via

11. Or this cart's digital screen that allows you to search for an item and find the exact aisle.

rocker248 / Via

12. This shopping cart that comes with a clipboard for people to keep their grocery lists.

Eraaaaaan / Via

13. And finally, this store that has a spot for carts in the back of a store in case you wind up buying more than you expected.

RumCheddar / Via

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