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Marlon Wayans Perfectly Shut Down Anyone Saying Negative Things On His Pride Month Post About His Daughter

My heart!!!!!

Obviously you know Marlon Wayans. He doesn't look an hour over 30. And yet, he has a 19-year-old daughter.

And for Pride Month, Marlon posted on Instagram to celebrate his daughter, who is gay.

The caption itself was adorable and supportive and everything you'd want a parent to say about their gay kid.

But what lurked in the comments was actually what made me stand up from my desk chair, slow clap to my computer, and shed one single tear. Because Marlon went in on the assholes who had anything negative to say about his daughter being gay/posting his pride.

For example, this dude said he would unfollow because of the post, to which Marlon simply said baiiiiii.

This person for some reason thinks being 19 makes you...unable to be gay????????? Marlon nailed his reply to that dude:

And this dude talked some ridiculous trash, to which Marlon replied with the double whammy by saying that 1) gay couples can still have babies and 2) DON'T FORGET HE'S RICHHHH!!

Then, proving once again that Marlon gets an A++++++ in dad-ing, his response to this person suggesting he just delete the negative comments was perfect:

This isn't the first time Marlon has showed his unconditional love and support for his daughter. If you have a minute and feel like crying, just read this caption that he posted for her birthday earlier this year:

And to anyone out there celebrating pride this month, know that while sadly Marlon had to shut down a few jerks, most of the comments looked a little bit more like this:

And also lots of comments asking where her shoes are from. From my own research I think they might be Vans and that I need a pair as well.

IN CONCLUSION: Be proud, people, and happy Pride Month!!!!!!!!!!