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Kat Angus • 20 minutes ago

Lilly Singh Just Came Out As Bisexual And Everyone Has A Lot Of Feelings

Happy 20BiTeen to all of us, especially Lilly.

Canadians Think The US Is Just As Likely To Try And Influence The Next Election As China, New Poll Says

A new poll also shows Canadians have little or no confidence that social media companies can prevent foreign entities from interfering in the election.

「あのへそはどうやって」 雪上の巨大クマ像に北米が沸く



Release Detained Canadians Now, Former Foreign Ministers, Diplomats And Academics Tell China In Open Letter

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were detained in December, apparently in retaliation for the arrest of a Huawei executive in Canada.

I Went To Montreal With No Clothes To Search For Plus-Size Outfits

Kristin goes to Montreal with an empty suitcase (and Jen!) and has to find two complete outfits for a day look and a night look.

Twitter Might Save An Asylum-Seeker’s Life. But It Might Also Get Them Killed.

Teenager Rahaf al-Qunun saved herself from being deported back to Saudi Arabia by tweeting, but there are worries her case could inspire more girls and women to take this incredibly risky step.

空港からTwitterで亡命訴え 18歳の女性はなぜサウジを逃れたのか


Lindsay Lohan Is The Unseen Monster From "Bird Box," And I'm Shook Back To The '00s

From the beaches of Mykonos to the river in Bird Box.

This Guy Played The Jeopardy Theme Song During Church, And 2019 Is Going To Be A Good Year

**When you are hungry AF during church waiting for them to pass out the bread.**

A 102 Year Old Woman Just Became The Oldest Person To Ever Skydive

She took the leap to raise awareness for a disease that claimed her daughter's life.

This Woman Pranking Jewelers Is Kind Of Messed Up, But So Hilarious

No diamonds were harmed in the making of this video.

A Man Who Was Stranded In An Airport Since March Has Been Granted Asylum In Canada

“The past is no longer with us,” Hassan al-Kontar said. “What is important is today, and tomorrow, the present and the future.”

These Jewelry Store Owners Fought Off A Gang Of Would-Be Robbers With Swords

“We certainly don’t encourage any store owners to do that,” police said.


A Rapper Died After Falling From A Plane — An Attempted Stunt For A Music Video

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Jon James’ management team said he “would want to be remembered as a beacon of light to follow your dreams.”

Here's How Americans Can Get Their Hands On Legal Canadian Weed

Weed is now legal in Canada, so come on up and see the sights.

18 Pictures Of What Legal Weed Actually Looks Like In Canada

On Oct. 17, Canada became the largest Western country in the world to regulate the sale of marijuana, and Canadians are very excited.

Weed Is Now Legal In Canada And Here's Everything You Need To Know

Oct. 17 marks the first day of legal recreational cannabis sales in Canada.

Canada Is Making It Easier To Get Pardoned For Cannabis Possession Charges

Officials made the announcement on Wednesday, when the country becomes the largest in the world to legalize recreational cannabis.

Deciem’s Founder Has Been Ousted After Saying The Skin Care Company Was Shutting Down

A Canadian judge granted Estée Lauder’s request to remove Brandon Truaxe from the company for “causing irreparable harm to Deciem’s business.”

A Fake Online Review Claimed Refugees "Slaughtered Goats" In A Hotel. This Newspaper Helped It Go Viral.

"Radisson Hotel Toronto East can confirm that the claims of goats being slaughtered in the public bathrooms are completely false statements," the hotel told BuzzFeed News.

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