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    Ryan Reynolds Has Plans To Officially Make Canada "Hollywood North" — And He's Doing It In Ontario

    Move over Hollywood, Ontario has entered the chat.

    Canadian darling Ryan Reynolds is a seriously busy person. From owning (and then selling) mobile service provider, Mint Mobile, to buying Wrexham AFC to joining a bidding war for the Ottawa Senators — it's safe to say that his talents lay just as much in business as they do in comedic acting.

    Recently though, it seems like Reynolds has major plans to merge these two passions.

    Oh hello, Ontario

    Twitter: @MaximumEffort

    Through his production company/ marketing agency, Maximum Effort, Ryan Reynolds is in the process of building a 1.2 million sq ft. production studio in Markham, Ontario.

    This decision comes as no surprise considering just how many international movies and shows are being filmed and produced in The Great White North.

    Ontario's not even the only province feeling the love and gaining clout!

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    Twitter: @globalnews

    Most recently, the biggest film or television production to take place in Canada, The Last of Us, was filmed entirely in Alberta and has been praised for how incredible the landscape looks.

    Other large television productions like Yellowjackets, The Flash, and The Boys have been filmed around Vancouver. And it's hard to stay quiet about the fact that huge parts of The Twilight Saga were also filmed in British Columbia.

    In an interview about his studio building plans, Ryan Reynolds stated, "To be launching a fund and building a 1.2 million-square-foot studio facility in Ontario is both mind-boggling and humbling... I'm excited to expand our storytelling capabilities in new directions and to bring more production work to Ontario."

    How do you feel about the massive production studio coming to Ontario? Let us know in the comments! And while you're at it — follow BuzzFeed Canada on Tiktok and Instagram for a grand ol' time, eh?