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    I Headed To A Transformative Wellness Hotel In Dundas, ON For 24 Hours — And Here's Everything I Did

    Time for a little next level R&R.

    Hi, I'm Liza, and I'm a BuzzFeed producer and mom currently living in Toronto... who could definitely use a little R&R! So when I was invited to a boutique inn and wellness experience in a quaint Ontario town, it definitely piqued my interested.

    The author sitting on a patio with a garden behind her

    As soon as I arrived on the property I could feel the stress just melt away. The property and garden grounds were breathtaking... and I hadn't even been inside yet!

    A patio with a couch overlooking gardens

    Nestled on a quiet, residential street— The HighAcre is boutique inn that has 4 separate suites. Here's the thing that makes this place super unique; each suite has a private spa.

    A view of the front entrance of The HighAcre

    Each suite belongs in a design magazine. The attention to detail is immaculate— from the recreated original wall trim to the unique pieces of art and the wood burning fireplaces.

    First up on the agenda to get into peak relaxation mode? A visit to the outdoor pool and sun deck to catch some afternoon sun rays.

    A pool and deck with the sun shining through

    Next up? Time to dive into the spa circuit within the privacy of my own space... such a treat!

    All that spa time had me feeling a little thirsty so I popped open a bottle of Soberlicious, threw on a cosy robe, and turned on the record player.

    Then it was time for dinner. Since this is a relaxing, child-free night I was in no mood to cook!

    A bowl of pasta with a glass of alcohol free wine

    And just like that, it was time to tuck into bed for the night.

    The writer wearing a red light face mask

    With the smell of fresh croissants wafting through the hallways, I awoke from my beauty slumber well rested and ready for breakfast.

    Croissants, jam, and coffee on a table outdoors.

    After a solo, picturesque breakfast on the terrace it was time for some self-guided yoga in the fitness studio.

    A blue yoga mat on a terrace

    With a couple hours left before heading back to reality I decided to enjoy my personal spa all over again because... why not?

    A large tub with a black robe in the background

    Alas, it was time for my perfect country spa getaway to come to an end...

    A selfie taken on a HighAcre door

    What are your favourite self-care tips to feel more relaxed? Let us know in the comments below.