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    Canadians Are Sharing The Things About America They Wish Canada Had And I'm Thoroughly Surprised

    To be fair, I wish people in America took their shoes off inside someone's home like in Canada.

    Recently Reddit user, u/ChallengeLate1947 asked Canadian Redditors to share the things they like about the States that they wish Canada had as well. Here are some of the responses that I found surprising yet valid:

    1. "As a Canadian who moved to the USA, what is nice here, are things Americans often complain about, oddly enough. The things I like here are the postal service. It's cheap, reliable and you often get mail delivered right to your house and on Saturdays!! You can also easily claim your mortgage payments/interest and property taxes on your federal taxes — it's bananas."

    — u/SobeysBags

    2. "I wish Canada had more competition in the cellular plan/ date space. It would drive down the price of our monthly plans."

    — u/ButtahChicken

    3. "A warm winter place would be nice. There’s no Canadian equivalent of Florida."

    – u/debiasiok

    4. "I'd like to be able to grow a lime tree without bringing it inside for winter."

    — u/CaptainDrunkBeard

    5. "It would be neat to see my home country portrayed in film, TV, and games more. Our representation is limited to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Turning Red, Corner Gas, Mass Effect 3, and The South Park Movie."

    — u/Arctic_Gnome

    6. "I wish we had more amusement parks and roadside attractions. We don't have the population or climate to support it, but still."

    — u/Responsible_CDN_Duck

    7. "Authentic Mexican food would be nice to have."

    — JoHeller

    8. "Honestly, America's professional sports leagues are so much better organized and they actually fill stadiums. It's great to see, and I wish we had more of it here."

    — u/No-Wonder1139 

    9. "They have a larger variety of hot sauce in much of the US. I'd like more of that in Canada."

    — Ok_Acanthisitta_9369

    10. "I wish we had more professional sports teams — like for baseball, basketball, etc."

    — u/Lilacs_and_Violets

    11. "I'd love to have the existence of beaches that are warm all year."

    — u/jaimeraisvoyager

    12. "In America, there are more options for cities and metro areas. We have only a handful of large cities and Americans have so much variety to choose from in terms of cost of living, different types of topography/weather and other things each city offers."

    — u/Ok_Occasion4476

    13. "We don't have consumer protection laws in Canada."

    — u/RickyRicardo777

    14. "The U.S. generally has much more transparency with information than Canada. In reference to freedom of information requests. Corporation ownership information and property record information are not easily accessible here."

    — u/Remarkable_Heart2388

    15. "I'd want that giant music and film industry that America has."

    — u/Faitlemou

    16. "A bit superficial but the US has a lot more interesting products that we don't have, be it food, drinks, decor, etc. There's just more of everything, more choice."

    — u/CoconutPawz

    17. "Personally, I'd want the highly loved collegiate sports culture that the States have."

    — u/ThermosbyThermas

    18. "Give me cheaper phone plans and I want stores like Trader Joe’s, Target, Ulta and Five Below... please."

    — u/imagination-station

    19. "A little more national pride would be nice. Not like over the top with people chanting 'Canada' at every damn chance they can. I just find that Canadians as a whole seem less interested in celebrating what a great country we have, it's not perfect by any means but I love my country."

    — u/atrostophy

    What are things from other countries that you wish yours had? Let us know in the comments!