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    11 Wild Mega-Malls That I'm Adding To My Travel Bucket List Immediately

    Imagine living out your Y2K teen fantasy in these malls!

    Hey there, we're Jordan, Pao, and Tori from BuzzFeed Canada! Recently, we got into a conversation about indoor amusement parks (not sure why?), and that led us down a rabbit hole of malls that have so much more to offer than your everyday shopping experience.

    And while the convenience of online shopping has certainly caused the death of many physical store locations and malls — we've found 11 amazing mega-malls around the world that ~have~ to live forever. So let's embrace the easily amazed child in all of us and get into this list!

    1. The Dubai Mall — Dubai, U.A.E.

    stores and escalator in dubai mall

    2. Lotte World Tower + Mall — Seoul, South Korea

    3. Chadstone - The Fashion Capital — Malvern East, Victoria, Australia

    walkway in the chadstone shopping centre in australia

    4. Toronto Eaton Centre — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    stores and escalators in toronto eaton centre

    5. American Dream Mall — New Jersey, United States

    nickelodeon amusement park in the american dream mall

    6. Westfield London — West London, England, UK

    stores and stairs in westfield london mall

    7. Mall of America — Minnesota, United States

    amusement park in the mall of america

    8. Shanghai New World Mall – Shanghai, China

    rock climbing wall in new world mall in china

    9. SM Mall of Asia — Bay City, Pasay, Philippines

    outside view of the sm mall of asia in the phillipines

    10. Siam Paragon — Bangkok, Thailand

    outside view of the siam paragon mall in bangkok

    11. West Edmonton Mall — Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    inside view of amusement park inside west edmonton mall in canada

    Which of these malls do you find completely unreal? Let us know in the comments!