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    If "The Office" Was Set In Ottawa

    “Who is Justice Beaver?” - Dwight K. Shrute, Assistant to the Regional Manager

    The Office holds a special place in our hearts, and we can't help but wonder - what if "Dunder Mifflin" was located in ~Ottawa~ instead of Scranton? After thinking long and hard (that's what she said), here are 15 things that would be different if The Office was set in Ottawa. Let's get to it!

    1. Andy would constantly brag about attending Queens University.

    2. Dunder Mifflin's head office would be located in Montreal.

    3. Kevin's Famous Chili would be Poutine.

    4. Michael and Stanley would be obsessed with Beaver Tail Day.

    5. Shrute Farms would be a Sugar Bush.

    6. Meredith would not have been bit by a bat.

    7. Pam would have been accepted to OCAD.

    8. Jim would still propose at a gas station.

    9. Michael would host the Dundies at a Boston Pizza.

    10. Dwight would gift Michael a Ottawa 67's jersey.

    11. Fundle Bundle would totally have aired on TVO Kids.

    12. Andy would have sailed the Maritimes.

    13. The Booze Cruise would head down the Ottawa River.

    14. Athlead's HQs would be in Toronto.

    15. And finally, it'd be filmed in L.A.