Canadians Are Sharing The Ways They Spot An American In Canada And I Just Gotta Laugh

    "If someone orders a Bloody Mary instead of a Caesar."

    Not too long ago Reddit user, u/Classic-Brilliant678 posed the question, "What's the easiest way to spot an American in Canada?". Well, these 21 responses are ~super~ interesting:

    1. "Even for Americans who live relatively close to our border — there’s a noticeably different accent. There are also specific words such as 'restroom' that give them away."

    — u/BBQallyear

    2. "When someone says a uni student 'goes to college' and is a 'freshman/sophomore/junior/senior.'"

    — u/Not_So_Deleted

    3. "They don't have a dogsled."

    — u/gortwogg

    4. "When my American friend was visiting us in Montreal he was constantly calling our money 'monopoly money'. That certainly outed him as an American."

    — u/CT-96

    5. "I have always found Americans to be great hosts but shitty guests."

    — u/deevarino

    6. "If someone orders a Bloody Mary instead of a Caesar."

    — u/RealPeriniScleroso

    7. "An American will have no idea what Kraft Dinner is if you ask them."

    — u/azureoptical

    8. "They don’t carry any protection against the Great Canadian House Hippos."

    — u/Sbrimer

    9. "When they say ‘eh’ as a strange way to connect with us."

    — u/lacontrolfreak

    10. "They pronounce the 'T’s' when they say Toronto."

    — u/Enrique69Shockwave

    11. "Wearing college or university t-shirts, even if they graduated decades ago."

    — u/TiredAF20

    12. "They wear their outdoor shoes indoors. Few Canadians do that; nearly everyone takes their outdoor shoes off at the door."

    — u/Exhausted_but_upbeat

    13. "They say Soda."

    — u/meg-kil

    14. "I dated a guy from California once and he looked at me like I was insane when I said I was leaving my car in the parkade. He had no idea what it meant at all, haha."

    — u/jazzani

    15. "I had an American sales rep visit and take me out for lunch. He ordered an iced tea, put 4 packs of sweetener in it, took a sip, made a face and sighed, 'I always forget that you only serve sweet tea here.'"

    — u/jleahul

    16. "I once heard a guy ask for his coffee with 'two cream, two sugar'."

    — u/Uninvited_Goose

    17. "My personal experience has been that they are usually quite a bit louder when they speak then your average Canadian."

    — u/Queasy_Astronaut2884

    18. "They ask for disco fries instead of poutine."

    — u/trashtalkinmomma

    19. "It's always their driving, I don't think I can even explain it other than they drive like they own the road."

    — u/Man_Bear_Beaver

    20. "Asking for the cheque instead of the bill is a dead giveaway!"

    — u/zoinksbadoinks

    21. "I cannot spot every American I meet, but there is a certain brand of middle-aged American I can always recognize that wears only activewear no matter the context, tips 30%, talks really loudly, and is super friendly to strangers — going as far as stopping strangers on the street to ask how it is to live here, because 'it is just so European'."

    — u/FroyoEmergency6736

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