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    People Are Sharing The Cities They've Visited That Made Them Want To Pack Up And Move

    "There was something about this city that just grabbed me. I told my traveling companions they could leave me, and I would live there forever."

    I love to travel, but I also love coming home to my normal routine and all the comforts I'm used to. But now and then, I visit a place that makes me think I could stay forever. So I asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell me about a place they've traveled to, and that made them think: I could definitely live here. These are the destinations that stuck out to them...

    1. "Budapest. I would love to get an apartment there. It’s such a beautiful city, and, as a plus, everything is very cheap because they have their own currency."

    View of a European street leading towards a large dome-capped building, flanked by classic architecture and a café-lined sidewalk

    2. "New York City. I went back for a couple of years in college and loved it as much as ever. I think it's definitely a love-it-or-hate-it kind of place, especially when it comes to particular neighborhoods. There can be a lot of stimulation, but I find all the sounds and sights can fade into the background and become almost soothing. I didn't mind walking everywhere because there was always something new to look at. There are many more gorgeous neighborhood parks and more nature than you might think. And oh my goodness, don't get me started on the libraries..."

    Row of brownstone stairs leading to townhouses with trees in front

    3. "Berlin. It's artsy with the perfect amount of unfriendliness. As an introvert, it was a refreshing change from the over-cheerful, nosy Americans. There's history everywhere! You could hit a museum a day and not stop for a year!"

    People relax by benches near trees with a classical building in the background. A blurred figure is in motion

    4. "Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I know it's a bit of a tourist trap, but it works. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I would live there over anywhere if I could. I absolutely adore the Smokey Mountains."

    View of a town nestled in autumnal mountains at sunset, seen from behind a rustic wooden fence

    5. "London. I love the history, culture, and food. There is so much to see and do that I don't think I could ever be bored. Plus, the transit system is wonderful!"

    Charming street with historical buildings, hanging flowers, and a clear daytime sky. No people are visible

    6. "Busan, South Korea. I have lived all my life in Mumbai, and I've traveled around the globe for work. I love traveling, but visiting different places makes me appreciate the feeling of coming back home. But when I visited Busan, I experienced a feeling I can't really explain. It was like, oh, so this is what home feels like. There was just something about that city. I would love to settle there."

    Traditional Korean temple by the sea with a bridge and visitors

    7. "New Hampshire. I went to visit a friend and felt like I'd stumbled into a Thanksgiving movie on the Hallmark Channel. Between the fall leaves, the gorgeous mountains, and the quaint bed and breakfasts, it was adorable. The entire town looked like a movie set, and everybody was so nice."

    A church with a tall spire in front of a forested hill with fall foliage under a sky with a visible half moon

    8. "Honfleur, France. It's a quaint, picturesque village by the sea in the northern region of Normandy. There are epic views and terrific food (think: fresh seafood, delicious butter, and creamy cheeses). I adore this idyllic locale!"

    Harbor view with boats docked near old stone buildings under a cloudy sky

    9. "I could retire to Tokyo. It's gorgeous, clean, and easily navigable. I would've happily stayed there for years."

    Crowded city street at night with neon signs and pedestrians crossing

    10. "Nairobi, Kenya. It's a chaotic city in many ways, but the people make it unique. There is a sense of community in Nairobi that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else I've traveled. It is also an incredibly cosmopolitan city with many different cultures, religions, and languages intermingling peacefully. When you want a break from city life, you're a short drive away from some of the most beautiful places on earth like Mount Kenya or Maasai Mara National Park."

    City skyline during twilight with illuminated buildings

    11. "Karlstad, Sweden. Karlstad is a big enough city to have everything you need (shopping, restaurants, etc...), but it's small enough that you don't feel that overwhelming hustle and bustle. It's located on the country's biggest lake, and a river runs right through town, offering endless biking and walking trails. It has great green space and outdoor recreation. Plus, it was easy to navigate as an English speaker (almost everyone I encountered speaks Swedish and English). It's located halfway between Stockholm and Oslo, so it's only about a three-hour drive or train ride to major cities and international airports."

    Aerial view of a bridge over a river with a red train crossing, adjacent roads, and surrounding greenery

    12. "Estonia! The city is beautiful, the people are polite, and the language is so cool. Tallinn is a must-visit, but the city of Pärnu stole my heart."

    Outdoor café with people seated under umbrellas in a sunny town square

    13. "Zermatt, Switzerland. It's a beautiful, small town in the Swiss Alps near the Matterhorn. No gas or diesel-powered vehicles are allowed there, so it's also very quiet. The air is so clear it's almost unbelievable. I remember sitting on our hotel room's balcony early in the morning, watching the river and looking over the landscape. There's no way for me to express how peaceful it was there. Of all the places I've ever been, that's the one that felt most like heaven."

    Alpine scenery with Matterhorn peak in the background and traditional wooden chalets surrounded by wildflowers

    14. "Costa Rica. I left with a tattoo that says pura vida, and I teared up in the airport on the way home. The locals are so friendly, and the scenery is gorgeous, with mountains, volcanoes, beaches, and jungles. I still live stateside, but this country holds a special place in my heart."

    Tropical landscape with dense foliage and ocean view at sunrise

    15. "Prague. I qualify for Czech citizenship by descent, so I visited to see if I might want to live there. I discovered that Prague is an amazing city: the food is excellent and cheap, the public transportation is great, it is easy to get around the city, it's very walkable, the architecture is gorgeous, and the locals are very friendly and welcoming. I fully intend to move there permanently as soon as I can work out the details."

    View of a European street through an archway with a clock tower in the distance and sidewalk cafes to the side

    16. "Bath, UK. I stayed there for a little over a month during a study abroad program, and if it weren't so expensive to live there, I would probably have already moved. The city is ancient, full of charm, and gorgeous. I have mobility issues, but everything I needed was within walking distance (including a major train station). Everyone I met was super friendly, and there's always something new to learn about the city. The food was also absolutely amazing. Some teashops have been around for hundreds of years, cheap cafes, and even vegan spots. I would go back in a heartbeat."

    Historic stone buildings by a river with cascading water and a bridge, in a serene urban park setting

    17. "Madrid. I visited in my early 20s and felt like I had found my home. I was living in France and working at a local university teaching English at the time, so I was already immersed in a European way of life. But there was something about Madrid that grabbed me. I told my traveling companions they could just leave me in El Retiro Park, and I would live there forever. I often regret not learning Spanish and moving to Spain when I finished my year in France."

    People rowing boats on a park lake with a monument in the background. Bird flying overhead

    18. "New Mexico. You've got gorgeous mountains, natural hot springs, hiking trails and horse trails, lots of history, and the best food in the world. If you live in the US, you don’t need a passport, but it feels entirely different."

    Desert landscape with prominent rock formations and a dirt road under a clear sky at dusk

    19. "Australia. The standard of living is incredible, along with the sunshine and great beaches! Every time I go, I never want to leave."

    A beach scene with people, greenery-covered cliffs, and a clear sky

    20. "Rome. I visited Rome with my school choir during my senior year of high school, and I distinctly remember walking the city streets at night, feeling completely enamored. We went to some other major cities in Italy, but nothing took me like Rome. It's such a beautiful place. Something about it feels so romantic and sweet. I could have stayed there forever."

    Piazza Navona in Rome with its fountains, ancient buildings, and visitors walking around

    21. "San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I have family that lives here, and I try to visit them every summer. The city's center is so old school with unique architecture, cobblestone streets, and outdoor markets. Time seems to slow down whenever I'm there."

    Cobblestone street lined with colonial buildings, leading to a hill with trees, no people visible

    22. "Paris. I went on exchange to France for a few months, and while I found the work culture tough, I loved the city. I have traveled to many countries, but no other city makes my heart tick like Paris. I love everything about the art and culture: the smells of fresh baguettes and hot croissants, the hustle and bustle of the city, the sounds of accordions playing, and the little shops along the cobblestone alleys. I lived in an apartment the size of a shoe box, but it never bothered me. It's a city that makes me feel alive and ignites all my senses. If I had the opportunity, I would move there in a heartbeat for a few years."

    Rooftop view of Paris architecture with the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in the distance

    23. "Barcelona. This city has stunning views and incredible history. The city's layout is easily accessible, with the beach on one side and mountains on the other. The vibe is so chill, and the food is fresh and incredible. It has a pull and magic quality that I've never felt elsewhere."

    Arched stone doorway opening to a narrow street with hanging lamps and buildings on either side

    24. "Iceland. The landscape is so beautiful, and I loved the food. The people were lovely. It was like a fairytale ✨️."

    Waterfall cascading into a river within a scenic, rocky landscape

    25. "Canmore, Canada. This town in Alberta has breathtaking scenery and a relaxed lifestyle. I don't think it's possible to live here and not be happy."

    A road leading to a mountain village with twin peaks in the background

    26. "New Zealand 100%. I traveled around the country for a few weeks and loved every part I saw. I'd live in any of the towns or cities. Everyone was friendly, I ate amazing food, and there was so much to see and do. Sometimes, I look at NZ property sites for fun and imagine I'm house-hunting there for my dream home."

    Scenic view of a beach with people, surrounded by cliffs and lush greenery

    27. "Yorkshire, UK. On the flight home, I told my wife, 'I could live there.' A few years later, my company had a three-year opening in Northern England, and we took it. We ended up staying for 11 years."

    Historic village scene with a bridge over a stream and traditional buildings, against a twilight sky

    Do you have one to add? Tell me about a place you've visited that felt like it could really be home. Or drop your response into this Google Form.