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What's A Travel Destination You Loved Visiting So Much That You Felt As If You Could Live There Permanently?

If you've ever visited a city or country and thought, "Yep, I could live here," we want to hear from you.

I absolutely love to travel, but usually, I am ready to get back home and into my normal routine after a long trip. However, there have been a few places I've visited where I seriously thought I could happily stay there forever.

View of a city skyline through an airplane window

So, I want to know about a place you've traveled to that made you think: I could definitely live here.

Woman holding a hat with a cityscape in the background

For me, that place was Tokyo. I found myself so enamored by the city — the amazing food, the culture, the interesting neighborhoods — and comforted by its efficiency and cleanliness that I really thought that if it weren't for being so far from my family, I could pack up my life and happily move there permanently.

Boats float under cherry blossoms near Tokyo Tower at dusk

Maybe after a vacation in France, you pulled a real-life Emily in Paris and actually did decide to make a permanent move to the City of Light.

People relaxing and walking in a busy park with benches and a central staircase on a sunny day

Or perhaps after spending a long weekend in Mexico City, you couldn't stop thinking about your trip and wondered to yourself, "What if I could make this place home?"

Cyclists ride on a city street with traffic lights and a statue in the background

Maybe after a semester spent in Spain, you returned back to your home country, but home just didn't feel right anymore. You fell so in love with the Spanish way of life that you wanted it permanently.

Nighttime in a European town square with an outdoor cafe and a large wall clock

So, I'd love to hear from you: What is a place you traveled to that made you feel like you could actually live there? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and your response could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post. Or, you can drop your thoughts into this Google form if you'd prefer to stay anonymous.