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    Canadians Sure Know Their Way Around Winter And These Tips For Surviving The Cold Are Equal Parts Hilarious And Helpful

    If you never go outside, you never have to worry about the weather!

    A little while ago Reddit user, u/Spudnic16, asked Canadians how they best survive winter — because "Canadian Winter" is infamously rumoured to be super harsh. Here are 17 of the warmest responses:

    1. "Basically layers, layers and more layers."


    2. "You have to have GOOD winter boots, a GOOD winter coat, without forgetting mittens, a snow hat, and a scarf. You might also need snow pants, too!"


    3. "It’s always one pair of pants covering your legs, and 10 layers of shirts/sweaters/jackets on your top. A toque and an insulated hood on your head. Wear boots only if it’s wet or snowy out."


    4. "Honestly, just avoid going outside if possible."


    5. "Embrace the season and enjoy the outdoors. Seriously, with the right clothes, you will not feel the cold, and it's beautiful out there."


    6. "Gain a layer of blubber with some poutine and ample maple syrup."


    7. "Make the best of it. There's lots of fun stuff to do in the winter. Skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, winter hiking, and tubing with the kids."


    8. "Drink coffee and liquor. Helps me every year."


    9. "One winter I started wearing four layers of shirts instead of two and was amazed that winter was actually bearable."


    10. "You survive the winter by living on the west coast."


    11. "Wool socks, wool sweaters, and a wool toque."


    12. "Stay inside with Netflix, blankets, and a cup of tea. (Or, alternatively a cup of hot chocolate.)"


    13. "Leggings under your pants are a game changer. And layer up your wool socks. You'll never regret it."

    — u/zzillazz

    14. "Just need a couple of Molsons to get fired up bud."


    15. "Survive the winter with ~denial~. Stay inside for 4–5 months and it's like it never went below 5°C."


    16. "Get a car with auto start. Then every day, run from your door to said car. Then once parked at work, run from the car to the office. Rinse and repeat."


    17. "Okay, honestly, this is how we survive. Every winter, Canadians will sacrifice themselves to The Great Northgarde— the Spirit of the North. In return, we get to keep free health care, strong beer, Hockey Night, Tim Horton's, and the forcefield that keeps Justin Bieber out...all of these things keep up warm."


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    How are you planning to keep warm this winter? Let us know in the comments!

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