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These 16 Photos Show What Last Night's Rare Blue Supermoon Looked Like Across The Globe

The next blue supermoon won't happen until 2037.

1. On Wednesday night, a blue supermoon, the first since 2018 and the last until 2037, lit up the sky.

The Statue of Liberty in front of the moon

2. Blue supermoons are rare because two separate celestial occurrences are happening at the same time.

The blue supermoon is seen behind Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

3. A supermoon happens when the moon is at its full tilt (aka a full moon) while its orbit is simultaneously closest to earth.

The blue supermoon is seen in Albacete, Spain

4. Typically, only three or four supermoons occur a year.

The blue supermoon is seen in Havana, Cuba

5. As for a blue moon, according to NASA, a blue moon is not actually the color blue.

The blue supermoon is seen behind the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

6. It's the name for the rare time when a full moon appears twice in one month.

The blue supermoon is seen behind a McDonald's sign in Nicosia, Cyprus

7. Because the moon's cycle is 29.5 days long, and nearly every calendar month is longer, NASA says every two to three years the gap between the moon's cycle and the calendar month lead to a blue moon.

The blue supermoon is seen behind the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

8. But when there are two supermoons occurring in one month, it's called a blue supermoon.

The blue supermoon is seen behind the Apollo Temple in ancient Corinth, Greece

9. That's what happened this month, as last night's supermoon followed a previous one on Aug. 1.

The blue supermoon is seen in Lecce, Italy

10. According to NASA, a blue supermoon typically occurs every 10 years but can take as long as 20 years.

The supermoon is seen above Gulou Ecological Square in China's Guizhou province

11. Across the globe, photographers were out taking photos of the rare lunar phenomenon.

Photographers capture the super blue moon in Christchurch, New Zealand

12. In Rabat, Morocco, the blue supermoon illuminated the night sky.

The moon in Rabat

13. Here's a stunning photo as seen from London of a plane flying by the blue supermoon.

A plane flying in front of the moon

14. Here's the moon behind the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur, India.

A moon in the sky

15. So hopefully, you got a chance to see the gorgeous, gorgeous moon last night.

The moon

16. But if you didn't, scroll up and relive it all again because 2037 is a long time away!

The blue supermoon is seen behind the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, United Kingdom