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    14 Photos That Show The Latest Wave Of Wildfire Smoke Blanketing America, Canada, And Even Parts Of Spain

    A new wave of Canadian wildfire smoke is descending upon the United States and has even made its way to Spain.

    1. The latest round of smoke from Canadian wildfires is hitting the United States and even parts of Europe this week.

    The U.S. Capitol Building under a film of haze

    2. This comes a few weeks after a previous wave of Canadian wildfire smoke hit much of the Northeast. It's reportedly Canada's worst fire season on modern record. While upper Midwestern cities like Chicago and Minneapolis weren't as heavily impacted earlier this month, they're now experiencing it firsthand.

    A man running along the Chicago riverfront with a hazy skyline in the background

    3. This wave of smoke hit Canadian cities first. This is what Montreal looked like on Sunday:

    A closeup of skyscrapers

    4. Canada's capital city, Ottawa, was also impacted over the weekend.

    5. It's not just North America that is experiencing the effects. On Monday, Vigo, a city in northwestern Spain, was feeling the impact of wildfire smoke.

    A wide-shot of the city of Vigo

    6. The coastal Spanish town was covered in hazy skies.

    7. By Tuesday, smoke had descended down to cities like St. Paul, Minnesota.

    8. And its twin city, Minneapolis.

    A person on their bicycle cycling by the river

    9. Chicago, too.

    10. Here's what the Lake Michigan lakefront in Chicago looked like on Tuesday:

    A man runs on the pathway in the opposite direction of a couple walking with their dog

    11. That night, the Chicago Cubs took on the Philadelphia Phillies amid the conditions at Wrigley Field.

    12. St. Louis, Missouri, also had smoky air on Tuesday during a baseball game.

    13. The St. Louis Cardinals faced off against the Houston Astros.

    A member of the St. Louis Cardinals walking off the field under the lights

    14. Conditions are continuing across much of the Midwest, according to AirNow. Here's what downtown Chicago looked like on Wednesday morning:

    The smoke is drifting south and east, with Louisville, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh among the cities experiencing air quality concerns on Wednesday. You can check out the Fire and Smoke map on AirNow here.