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165 Things I Learned From 250 BuzzFeed Posts

Lists are literature. Note: It was originally 250 Things I Learned From 250 BuzzFeed Posts but it broke BuzzFeed's list-maker.

1. Turkish oil wrestling is a thing.

2. Be nice to the turtle on the bottom of the stack.

3. There are people behind the memes.

4. How to make awesome posts that readers will love and share.

...or HATE and share. Source.

5. Animals, from time to time, can be prone to abject disappointment.

6. Humanity can be awesome.

7. Making a BuzzFeed post seems easy but doing it well is insanely difficult.

8. Memes and porn don't really go together.

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9. Adulthood is okay.

10. Taco Bell cinnamon twists start out as these weird little pasta things.

11. Publix is the best grocery store of all time.

12. Cats know that it's better in space.

13. Do NOT mess with Ben Smith.

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14. Humanity has terrible taste in GIFs.

15. We should be obsessed with the International Space Station because it's pretty damn cool.

16. There's a space probe orbiting Jupiter with little Lego people on it.

17. BuzzFeed is willing to go "behind the poop" for its readers.

18. LinkedIn is dark and evil...and cruel and bad.

19. Instagram doesn't stop for war.

20. Romania loves mom and son porn.

21. Boarding school is academic heaven.

22. Public school is academic hell.

23. There's a position in cricket called "silly mid off."

This is perhaps the best thing ever in the history of sports. Source.

24. Capybaras don't even care.

25. Taco Bell used to have salsa bars in their restaurants.

26. Not taking out the trash is an art form.

27. Cat memes were around before the Internet.

28. Turtles can accessorize.

29. The majority of BuzzFeed employees aren't big on hitting the gym.

30. The Internet is just a bunch of servers in Virginia.

31. BuzzFeed can put together an AMAZING long-form story.

And they need to bring back the cool, custom backgrounds for longer stories. Source.

32. Being a pro wrestling fan was awesome.

33. Small-time pro wrestling organizations aren't as depressing as you'd think they'd be.

34. Logic can be a peculiar thing.

35. Sometimes (on very, very rare occasions), Internet commenters can be really wise.

36. Cucamelons are awesome.

37. Goats have superpowers.

38. The Golden Girls are fabulous, now and always.

39. Kids in Louisiana have to learn about creationism. Bummer.

40. It took balls of steel to construct the Empire State Building.

41. Twitter has a sense of humor.

42. Beanie Babies were not worth the investment.

43. Ellen DeGeneres really should be president.

44. We take sexting for granted these days.

45. Leonardo DiCaprio has so many looks.

46. Swings make corgis happy. Yay!

47. Not even death can stop us from tweeting.

48. The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the coolest things ever made.

49. There was no decade quite like the 90s.

50. There's an adorable, new animal called the olinguito.

51. Some superheroes are super useless.

52. The best backpack ever has been found.

53. People do some pretty weird (or ingenious, depending on your viewpoint) things with dead pets.

54. There are some things that you'll only see in New York City.

55. There are some things that you'll only see in America.

56. Brad Pitt was in an episode of Growing Pains.

57. Advertising is an inexact science.

58. No matter how weird you think things can get—they can always get even weirder.

59. An attack could come at any moment.

60. Tay Zonday was robbed.

61. If you've run out of inspiration, it's not because there isn't any, it's because you're not looking hard enough.

62. Dogs can pull off dressing like Wonder Woman.

63. Marriage equality is beautiful.

64. Coloring Easter eggs doesn't have to be a lame kids activity.

65. Be thankful for what you have because it could be much worse.

66. Back in the day, Nickelodeon had one of the best lineups in television.

67. Grease 2 is the fucking shit.

68. Disney, for all its faults, didn't do too bad a job about teaching us certain lessons.

69. This thing is called a topiary.

70. High fashion actually makes stuff that you'd wear outside of a fashion show.

71. Adjusted for inflation, it cost more money to make Titanic the film than it did to make the actual Titanic.

72. Video games are art.

73. Role playing can spice up any relationship.

74. BuzzFeed users always find innovative ways to use BuzzFeed.

One teacher used it as a tutorial to her language arts class, for example. Source.

75. Some things just never work like they should.

76. Grumpy Cat might actually be Jesus.

77. There's a lot of stuff that the NFL should ban.

78. We're all Mr. Krabs.

79. Think twice before having kids.

80. You don't have to practice any societal norms if you don't want to.

81. There are 52 shades of greed.

82. 2012 was an amazing year on Tumblr.

83. You always have enough time for a Halloween costume.

84. New Year's is the worst holiday. The worst.

85. Your parents were wrong to throw out your toys.

86. There exists a Vanilla Ice sweater and it's glorious.

87. Break preconceptions, work with what you have.

88. Timing is everything.

89. 1999 was the best year of music in the history of mankind.

90. Legs look like hot dogs.

91. Animals adore exercise.

92. Climate change is serious business.

93. Snow monkeys are cool.

No pun intended. Source.

94. There are better things to buy than Facebook shares.

95. Shittens are a thing.

96. New York City is the worst place to live.

97. There are no hats are better than royal hats.

98. J.C. Penney is doomed.

99. The members of NSYNC are the heroes we deserve AND the ones we need right now.

100. Postmodern resumes are the only way to go.

101. Respect the sea.

102. There's a personality type called INFJ.

103. Not all selfies are created equal.

104. Hawaii is the greatest place to live.

105. BuzzFeed is the greatest place to work.

106. Hipster Jon Snow is one of the most underrated memes.

107. But the Spider-Man meme is the best.

108. The human imagination is so frightening.

109. Kids books aren't just for kids.

110. The human knee is a life-giving vessel.

111. Eleanor Roosevelt was a badass.

112. But Nancy Reagan wasn't bad either.

113. Braces are beautiful.

114. There's a guide for everything on Wikipedia.

115. President's Day is a musical holiday.

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116. Mr. Belding was a Vietnam War veteran.

117. Being a Martian colonist ain't easy.

118. But it'd be worth it to see the gorgeous Martian morning.

119. Do whatever you want in high school or you may regret it later!

120. There are some problems that just can't be solved, no matter how hard you try.

121. Pandas are deep.

122. Somebody actually made a recipe for Carl Sagan's apple pie.

123. Being a BuzzFeed Community Contributor is tough but rewarding.

124. BuzzFeed should be called BuzzCrack because it's so addicting.

125. The beauty of a list is not the content that goes into it, but the way that content is put together.

126. Wombats are really really important.

127. BuzzFeed is not immune to a hostile takeover.

128. Penises are everywhere.

129. There are good cat gifs and then there are great cat gifs.

130. More women should consider attending women's colleges.

131. Cats are good at making bread.

132. In-N-Out Burger is better than Five Guys.

133. Capcom and Disney need to get together.

134. Celebrities and mattresses have an uncanny resemblance.

135. Heavyweights isn't about sports, it's about life.

136. The entire BuzzFeed staff, not just the editorial team, is full of geniuses.

Their creative services department made this which is seriously one of the most awesome things to ever exist since Al Gore created the Internet. The rest of their departments must be staffed with amazing people as well, judging by the site's unrivaled success and growth over the last few years. So shout out to all of you! Keep up the great work!

137. Embrace your weirdness.

138. Miracles can happen.

139. This is the one kitchen thing you should own above all else.

140. The little things in life are priceless.

141. For all the talk about the 90's, being a 2000's kid wasn't that bad either.

142. Bayside High might have been a secret military training ground.

143. Animals can get wasted too.

144. Judge the deed, not the breed.

145. Toast is simply the best.

146. True love conquers all.

147. Evolution is stunning.

148. Foxes love marshallows.

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149. There's nothing like tits and ass.

150. Turtles might be better than cats.

151. But cats can imitate art, so they've got that going for them.

152. Animals can do yoga.

153. They're also existentialist.

154. Catnip destroys lives.

155. Sometimes it's better not to ask.

156. The Hawkeye Initiative is one of the most badass causes on the Internet.

157. Many extinct species will stay dead.

158. There are people who don't know about NSYNC.

159. You'll make a ton of mistakes in your twenties (but that's okay).

160. Aladdin and Titanic are the same movie.

161. The Olympics and gay porn are remarkably similar.

162. Very few people in life ever stop and see the monkey.

163. True friendship is incredible

164. No matter how bad things are, they can always be improved.

165. Lists are literature.

There's not just one list to cite as a source for this lesson that I learned. All lists are literature. They're stories—social stories that can have deep psychological impacts on readers, just like a long-form article or a novel.

The desire to share a list on Facebook or Twitter the same way one would recommend a book reflects this truth.

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