9 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Being A Weirdo

Because weirdos are outnumbering non-weirdos and soon we’ll take over the world and you’ll be left behind.

You’ve always known you were weird.

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But you had to hide it for a long time because you were scared of judgement.

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Like petrified of being ostracized.

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You felt like it just wasn’t worth the trouble to be yourself.

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Because the one time you tried, this happened:

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But, Jimmy a.k.a Drake is right.

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The time has come to embrace your weirdness and admit that…

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And that…

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Because embracing the weirdo in you opens the door to a world unlike any other.

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1. You can get away with a lot.

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Like a lot!

Because everyone knows you are a weirdo. It’s expected of you.

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2. You can sing freely, madly, deeply.

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About anything…

ID: 1533695

…and everything!

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And you get to make up lyrics guilt free!

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3. People underestimate your intelligence because you often come across like this:

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When you’re actually secretly a genius.

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4. You ask questions incessantly.

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But it’s because:

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Which makes you…

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5. You don’t have to hide your inner child.

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In fact you’ll be able to revel in it.

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6. You get to speak your own language, that only the “important” people understand.

Easier for world domination.

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7. You can get rid of that filter and say whatever comes to your mind with aplomb.

ID: 1515111

Stupid stuff included.

ID: 1515104

With no need to hold back whatsoever.

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8. You don’t have to hide the fact that you talk to things.

ID: 1515166

Or yourself.

ID: 1534277

9. And you’ll finally be able to show off your bedroom dance moves.

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Unlike normal people land your world will be wondrous.

ID: 1535452

As Aubrey says…

ID: 1515035

Welcome home!

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