The 36 Absolute Best Things In The World

Ahh, relief.

1. Peeling the plastic off of something you just bought.

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2. Peeling the glue off the back of a gift card.

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3. Dangling a cool metal chain over your hand and slowly lowering it down so it collects in your palm.

ID: 307405

4. Dipping your hand into a deep bag of uncooked rice

ID: 262803

5. Or beans.

ID: 307410

6. Having a full tank of gas.

ID: 262731

7. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing it’s waaaay earlier than you think.

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8. Waking up rested from a nap and realizing barely any time has passed.

ID: 307441

9. Wrapping a freshly dried blanket around you.

ID: 262779

10. Winning on eBay.

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11. Showering for the first time after a haircut.

ID: 307476

12. Tearing out a piece of perforated paper perfectly.

ID: 307473

13. Using a new toothbrush for the first time.

ID: 307283

14. Putting on your glasses right after you cleaned them.

ID: 307305

15. When a vending machine accepts your dollar on the first try.

ID: 307467

16. Putting on a new pair of socks.

ID: 307351

17. Taking off your socks right before getting into bed.

ID: 307419

18. Getting a Facebook bingo.

ID: 307312

19. Free samples.

ID: 307444

20. Sleeping with your pet.

ID: 307413

21. When the dentist says you have no cavities.

ID: 307468

22. That feeling in your stomach when you go over down a big hill.

ID: 307354

23. When a stranger stops the elevator for you.

ID: 307416

24. When the lights go down right before the start of a concert.

ID: 307470

25. Seeing pictures of your parents when they were younger.

ID: 307466

26. Finding a parking meter with time left on it.

ID: 307455

27. Seeing a movie in an empty theater.

ID: 307430

28. Achieving the perfect milk to cereal ratio.

ID: 307479

29. Wearing shorts for the first time of the season.

ID: 307478

30. Finding out you have a mutual friend with someone you just met.

ID: 307459

31. Watching your milk mix into your coffee.

ID: 307424

32. The brief moment you drive under a bridge on a rainy day.

ID: 307475

33. Finding a curly fry in your order of regular fries.

ID: 307427
ID: 262822

35. Getting a high five from an ice cream cone.

ID: 307407

36. Pushing a tape into a VCR.

ID: 307422


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H/t to Reddit and Just Little Things for some of these.

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