Everything You Need To Know About The Ikea Monkey


1. Last night, news spread that there was a monkey roaming around an Ikea in Toronto, Canada.

2. Not just any monkey, though. A super-stylish monkey wearing THIS SEASON’S shearling coat.

3. The unnamed monkey is 7 months old, and no one was really sure how it got there. Or why it was wearing such a great coat.

4. But it looked adorable and was walking around the parking lot.

5. This girl SAW THE MONKEY.

6. Then some other girl was all, “Did anyone lose their monkey at Ikea?”

15. A Twitter parody account was made too:

just passed by a mirror and HOLY COW HOW CUTE AM I

— IKEAmonkey (@Ikea Monkey)

way overdressed for this animal shelter

— IKEAmonkey (@Ikea Monkey)

update: there's a cat giving me weird looks... what do I do

— IKEAmonkey (@Ikea Monkey)

update III: made friends with a schnoodle, planning a long con to get out of this joint

— IKEAmonkey (@Ikea Monkey)

update II: other animals still very confused

— IKEAmonkey (@Ikea Monkey)

ahhh it's been such a wild ride being a part of the ZEITGEIST today u know #stillrelevant #socialmedia

— IKEAmonkey (@Ikea Monkey)

21. Turns out the owners eventually came forward and were fined for owning a prohibited animal.

22. But we can never forget the monkey that burst into our hearts and made us love tiny shearling coats again.

23. Good-bye, monkey. See you in another Ikea…maybe…hopefully.

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