29 Signs You Go To A Women’s College


1. Friends from home ask you if everyone there is a lesbian.

Sure, there are lesbians, but there are also non-lesbians. And nothing is better than being in an environment accepting of all sexual orientations.

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2. People assume you go to a single sex-school because you’re scared of boys.

You are not hiding out. You chose to be in an environment where you never have to apologize for being a woman!

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3. You feel like you have to constantly defend the existence of women’s colleges.

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4. Like, “Isn’t it sexist against boys to not let them attend your school?”

Logically this isn’t even a thing.

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5. Your tolerance for most dude humor has significantly lowered since your days as a *first-year*.

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6. But your comeback game is better than ever.

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7. Literally every night is girls’ night.

Class is what you go to in between your wine-fueled dance parties.

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8. “Where’s the men’s room?”

Sorry, visiting dads. Can’t help you there.

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9. Every time you have a conversation about patriarchy it’s like…

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10. This is what you feel like after leaving a women’s studies class:

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But then you realize your enormous workload and this is what you actually look like…

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11. Walking through the hall without pants on is no big deal.

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12. You no longer feel shame about letting people know you’ve got your period.

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13. Living with multiple girls has turned your bathroom into this.

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14. This is a very alarming sight.

Was there a boy here or… DID SOMEONE CLEAN?

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15. But still, when you spot a boy on campus, sometimes it’s like…

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16. Your school knows you need to be fed every hour, on the hour.

No one makes you feel self-conscious about stuffing your face and all of the snacks are beyond delicious.

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17. Tea is a part of life.

Whether 12 people you know currently have a profile picture that looks like this, or campus if offering organized tea drinking events, you can’t escape it.

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18. You get to study in places like this.

So many women’s colleges are full of beautiful architecture that makes you feel like you’re living in a brochure.

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19. When you leave campus to go into the real world, it’s hard to not say this to everyone.

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20. You’ve considered ending a paper with this.

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21. You’re in good company.

Countless influential women went to women’s colleges, like Hillary Clinton!

Graduates of women’s colleges comprise more than 20% of women in Congress. Since only 2% of American female college graduates attended women’s schools, these percentages are a big deal.

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22. You are never the token female in a leadership position.

In class, you’ve never had to say the phrase, “From a women’s perspective….”

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23. When anyone drops the term “male gaze” your blood boils with rage.

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24. This has become your general attitude toward coed parties.

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25. But that doesn’t mean you don’t feel like this sometimes…

And it is totally OK.

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26. While reading this you’ve probably thought, “I bet a cisgendered straight girl wrote this.”

You’d be right.

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27. Your professors are always reminding you how strong and intelligent you are.

But really your professors who are the true heroes.

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28. Feminist is no longer a dirty word for you

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29. You know the true reason why women’s colleges rule.

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