Capybaras: As Apathetic As They Come

I love capybaras. They’re like big guinea pigs. But I have noticed that oftentimes, they look so uninterested in everything going on around them.

2. “Don’t know, don’t care.”

ID: 1273033

3. “Your kisses do not amuse me small creature.”

ID: 1273035

4. “Get out of my pool … never mind, I don’t care.”

ID: 1273036

5. “Your attempts at humor go unnoticed.”

ID: 1273038

6. “I don’t care. Do what you want.”

ID: 1273039

7. “I merely tolerate your presence, human.”

ID: 1273040

8. “The world is full of apathy, and I don’t care.”

ID: 1273037

9. “Your offering of food is mediocre at best.”

ID: 1273041

10. “Oh you’re taking a picture?” *turns away*

ID: 1273042

11. “There’s a hoop around me? Meh, it’s fine where it is.”

ID: 1273043

12. “This gift is OK I guess.”

ID: 1273044

13. “This plushie will have to do.”

ID: 1273045

14. Family of capybaras who just don’t care

ID: 1273046

15. “I don’t even know where this guy came from.”

ID: 1273047

16. “This thing smells like feet. Oh well.”

ID: 1273049

17. “Drowning is OK I guess.”

ID: 1273052

18. “This bird’s concern is unconcerning to me.”

ID: 1273055

19. “It would be easier to swim without this leaf. Oh well.”

ID: 1273057

20. “Your attempt at pleasing me is quite pathetic.”

ID: 1273059

21. “No, I don’t care who you are.”

ID: 1273060

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