23 Signs You’ve Lived In New York City Too Long

Concrete jungle where dr — I’M SO TIRED.

1. When you leave the city and a cashier smiles at you and asks how your day was, you’re like:

ID: 1140693

2. Dinner = hitting up your slice place at 1 a.m.

ID: 1140745

3. Nothing fills you with more rage than getting on a crowded subway car and suddenly hearing, “It’s showtime!”

ID: 1140763

4. You have the same conversation with the same friends at the same bar every night.

ID: 1140408

5. $12 cocktails and $20 yoga classes seem normal now.

ID: 1141239

6. In the summer, you consider the wind from an approaching subway car to be “a nice breeze.”

ID: 1140801

7. You’ve considered moving into your office to save on rent since you spend so much time there anyway.

ID: 1141202

8. You’ve gone from not leaving Brooklyn on the weekends, to not leaving your actual neighborhood on the weekends.

ID: 1141185

9. Savings account? HAHA, good one.

ID: 1141401

10. You’ve Seamlessed lunch and dinner in the same day and not given a shit.

ID: 1140874

11. This is sadly accurate.

ID: 1140392

12. You’ve flipped off a tourist bus.

ID: 1140885

13. You wear earbuds while grocery shopping.

ID: 1141331

14. You’ve become immune to the hot garbage smell.

ID: 1141282

15. You can swipe your Metrocard without breaking stride.

ID: 1140901

16. You go to the bodega in your pajamas.

ID: 1140943

17. When you visit the suburbs and try to sleep at night, the silence scares you.

ID: 1141007

18. You’ve forgotten how to drive a car.

ID: 1140960

19. You’ve stopped going out on Friday nights and started going out on Tuesday nights.

ID: 1141116

20. You walk faster than most people run.

ID: 1141364

21. You’ve either gotten really into cooking, or totally given up on cooking.

ID: 1141142

22. You get outraged when a Duane Reade isn’t open 24 hours.

ID: 1141411

23. You relish getting out of the city any chance you get…

ID: 1140366

But when you return to New York, you realize you couldn’t possibly live anywhere else.

ID: 1141380

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