17 Ultra-Cozy Music Sweaters

Whether you’re into boy bands or Krautrock, you don’t truly love a band until you’ve knit a sweater with their name on it.

1. David Bowie

ID: 648305

2. Kraftwerk

Mishka designed this astounding sweater.

ID: 648315

3. New Kids On The Block

ID: 648274

4. Joey McIntyre of the New Kids On The Block

ID: 648273

5. Weezer

If you want to destroy my sweater / pull this thread as I walk awaaaay…

ID: 648287

6. Pink Floyd

ID: 648267

7. Neil Diamond

This one was knitted by a fan who wore it in the front row of a show in Hartford, Connecticut back in 1989.

ID: 648278

8. Morrissey

This one was designed by Mishka.

ID: 648281

9. Wire

These are based on the cover of their third album, 154.

ID: 648261

10. Vanilla Ice

ID: 648263

11. Sonic Youth

ID: 648265

12. Ian Curtis of Joy Division

Another amazing Mishka design.

ID: 648286

14. The Grateful Dead

ID: 648270

15. Alice Cooper

ID: 648277

16. Bob Marley

ID: 648308

17. Elvis Presley

ID: 648289

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