“Shittens” Are A Real Thing

Bottom line: These could really make a splash.

1. If your everyday toilet routine is growing a little stale, get ready for this: Shittens.

2. Shittens are hand-shaped disposable moist wipes designed to prevent anything, uh, unsavory from getting on your hands when you wipe.

3. According to the website, Shittens are not meant to replace toilet paper, but to create a special “DRY, WET, DRY” approach to wiping for special bathroom occasions.

Although, you can’t flush them. Which kind of stinks.

4. Yes, this appears to be a real product. They started as an IndieGogo campaign, and Mark Cuban even endorsed them on Howard Stern’s show.

Although, Shittens’ IndieGogo is hosted under the name of Rachel Fine, a Brooklyn woman whose Twitter bio notes she’s an employee of Howard Stern’s show. So.

5. Anyway, if you’re ready to experience this, a box of 20 Shittens costs $9.95.

6. Even though we suspect the testimonials on their website MAY be fabricated.

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