“Shittens” Are A Real Thing

Bottom line: These could really make a splash.

1. If your everyday toilet routine is growing a little stale, get ready for this: Shittens.

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2. Shittens are hand-shaped disposable moist wipes designed to prevent anything, uh, unsavory from getting on your hands when you wipe.

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3. According to the website, Shittens are not meant to replace toilet paper, but to create a special “DRY, WET, DRY” approach to wiping for special bathroom occasions.

Although, you can’t flush them. Which kind of stinks.

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4. Yes, this appears to be a real product. They started as an IndieGogo campaign, and Mark Cuban even endorsed them on Howard Stern’s show.

Although, Shittens’ IndieGogo is hosted under the name of Rachel Fine, a Brooklyn woman whose Twitter bio notes she’s an employee of Howard Stern’s show. So.

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5. Anyway, if you’re ready to experience this, a box of 20 Shittens costs $9.95.

ID: 1517588

6. Even though we suspect the testimonials on their website MAY be fabricated.

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