This Awesome Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Super Cute Children’s Book He Hid In A Local Library

“There once was a gorilla that fell for a giraffe, she surprised him by how much she could make him laugh.”

1. Paul Phillips recently teamed up with Nashville artist Yoni Limor to propose to his girlfriend, Erika.

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2. Paul hid the book Limor helped him put together in a local library.

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3. He then told Erika they needed to stop by real quick to return a book on the way to dinner.

Yoni Limor / Via
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Yoni Limor / Via
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There once was a gorilla
That fell for a giraffe.
She surprised him by how much
She could make him laugh.

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The two, you see,
Were from different worlds
Their first date, so nervous,
He’d certainly hurl.

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Yoni Limor / Via
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In spite of their differences,
It was love at first sight.
His feelings grew quickly,
His heart took to flight.

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Yoni Limor / Via
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The gorilla, his life,
Unpolished and scattered
Now refined and focused
On those things that matter.

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Yoni Limor / Via
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There were simply no words
For how lucky he’d gotten.
Without her by his side
Life would surely be rotten.

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Yoni Limor / Via
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It’s hard to believe
Just how happy they were.
He could not imagine
Even one day without her

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Yoni Limor / Via
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So he got on one knee
And uttered the plea:
“My dearest giraffe,
Will you marry me?”

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Yoni Limor / Via
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He felt his heart beating
Right out of his chest.
He could do nothing but wait
And hope she’d say YES.

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Yoni Limor / Via
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When she finally answered
He could not stop grinning
Because he knew, in his heart,
This was just The Beginning!

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22. Of course, after something this adorable, Erika had to say yes.

Yoni Limor / Via
ID: 1526737

23. Photographer Laura Ingram captured the magical moment for the couple and put the whole thing on Facebook.

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24. Way to go Paul!

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