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Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron Said She Felt So Threatened By Tom Hardy On The Set Of “Mad Max” That She Required Protection And Felt A Producer Forgave His “Really Bad Behavior” Because He Was A Man

“Those two people hated each other. They didn’t want to touch each other, they didn’t want to look at each other, they wouldn’t face each other if the camera wasn’t actively rolling.”

The Rise Of The Rom-Com Schlub

Always Be My Maybe and Long Shot let their ambitious women have it all — because the men in their lives are willing to hold their purses. Mild spoilers!

Movies To Be Really Excited About In 2019

From Captain Marvel to The Lion King, and Us to Pokémon Detective Pikachu, there are a lot of new films to be excited about this year. In chronological order!


Charlize Theron Shaved Her Head

The Oscar winner got rid of her golden locks for an upcoming role as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. She was recently spotted running errands with her son, Jackson, when the photographs of her new 'do were taken.

"Young Adult" Trailer Released

A story about arrested development. Not the show, the condition. Because getting older is not the same as growing up.

First Look At Kristen Stewart In 'Snow White'

Photos of Snow White and the Huntsman were revealed during a panel at Comic-Con. Universal Pictures' adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, slated for a June 2012 release, begins filming next week and stars Kristen Stewart in the title role, Charlize Theron as the Queen, Sam Claflin as the Prince, and Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman. (via.)

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