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    15 Times Celebs Were Rude To, Snubbed, Or Rejected A Pic With Other Celebs

    Featuring celebs snubbing other celebs.

    This week, JoJo Siwa made headlines after revealing that Candace Cameron Bure was the "rudest celeb" she's ever met.

    jojo showing a photo of candace on a video

    Candace soon after made a video explaining that the two hashed it out, and now, the story's kinda over. But it got me thinking about other times celebs called out OTHER celebs for being rude.


    Here are 14 other examples:

    Obviously, these are celebs' accounts of what happened, so we can't verify 100% they occurred. 

    1. When Avril Lavigne called out Christina Aguilera for being rude to her:


    2. And when Mary J. Blige also explained how Christina had an "attitude problem":

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    MaryJBligeFanatics / Via

    Context: During a radio interview, Mary said, "I don't like her because she has a nasty attitude. I was trying to greet her properly and she stuck her hand out for me to kiss it. I said, 'Oh, OK. You're headed down the wrong path already.' She was just nasty."

    3. When Cher said Madonna was rude, not once...

    cher saying that there's something about madonna that she doesnt like and she's rude to everyone

    4. ...but twice:

    cher saying madonna is creative but rude

    5. And when Lady Gaga called out Madonna for her statements about her:

    Context: In her documentary Five Foot Two, Gaga called out Madonna for always shading her through the years — and never saying it to her directly. "The only thing that really bothers me about her is that I'm Italian and from New York, so if I've got a problem with somebody I'm gonna fucking tell you to your face. But no matter how much respect I have for her as a performer, I could never wrap my head around the fact that she wouldn't look me in the eye and tell me that I was 'reductive' or whatever."

    6. When James Corden called out Pierce Brosnan for being rude:

    7. When Eric Stonestreet called out Gene Simmons for being rude to his mom:

    eric's comment

    8. When Valerie Bertinelli said Christina Aguilera snubbed her:

    close up of Valerie

    9. When Tia Mowry said Charlize Theron was rude to her at Soul Cycle:

    close up of Tia

    10. When Chamillionaire asked Michael Jordan for a photo and he denied it:

    chamillionaire tells the story of meeting michael jordan lmfaooo

    Twitter: @talentharris

    Context: Chamillionaire said he approached Michael and asked. Michael reportedly said, "Hell no."

    11. When Heather McDonald said Brandi Glanville made her cry:

    Context: Heather said that during a dinner, she started talking about her son being sick. Brandi then reportedly said Heather was making it all about herself.

    12. When journalist Em Rusciano said Gary Lightbody was the rudest celeb she's met:

    Em on her IG stories

    13. When Kathy Griffin said Jon Hamm was super cruel to her at a dinner party:

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    Jugo De Naranja / Via

    Context: In her book Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index, Kathy said Jon was super mean to her at a dinner party and reportedly said her Emmy isn't a real Emmy and that she's "so old."

    14. And lastly, Hailee Steinfeld said Lea Michele denied her request for an autograph:

    Hailee on the red carpet