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    Charlize Theron DMed With Someone Pretending To Be Emily Blunt And It's Incredible Stuff

    "That was a hard lesson to learn."

    Charlize Theron just learned the hard way that not everyone is who they claim to be online :(.

    In an interview with Lilly Singh on her new late night show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, Charlize confessed that she was recently catfished by an Emily Blunt fan account on Instagram.

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    It all started when Lilly told the audience about how she helped Charlize set up an Instagram account, since they're friends IRL.

    "The one thing that you missed in your tutorial, though..." Charlize told Lilly. "It's a good thing to mention that there are these things called, uh, fake accounts. Which I did not know, so I was following a lot of [fake] people."

    "I was following Emily Blunt," she said with finger quotes. "...But I wasn't really following Emily Blunt."

    According to Charlize, a friend tried to warn her that Emily Blunt does not have Instagram, but Charlize wouldn't listen:

    And somebody was like, "I don't think Emily...Emily's not on social media." And I was like, "Oh, she is. I follow her."

    And she even started swapping messages with Fake Emily Blunt, which she described as "a hard lesson to learn."

    "I was like, writing her. I was like, 'Hey Em! What's up Evil Sister?!'"

    "[I was] writing to some crazy person who's, like, obsessed, and probably stalking her in a dangerous way."

    Lilly asked Charlize if she questioned why Emily Blunt's Instagram account didn't have many followers, but Charlize said no.

    "I thought, you know, maybe people just didn't really care about what Emily Blunt was doing," she joked.

    You can watch Charlize break down the full story below:

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