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    Posted on Jan 11, 2018

    Charlize Theron Is Starring In A Movie About Motherhood In The 21st Century And Just OMG

    "This is a story about motherhood in 2018."

    It's been 10 years since Juno came out and changed the face of indie screenwriting.

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    It did. Fight me.

    However, it's been a while since we received another feature-length film from Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody.

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    Her last film, Ricki and the Flash starring Meryl Streep, was back in 2015.

    But that all changed today when the internet was graced with the first teaser for her brand-new film, Tully, which honestly looks breathtaking.

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    The story is described in the trailer as "a story about motherhood in 2018," and likely plans to explore what EXACTLY being a mother in the 21st century means.

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    The story follows Marlo, a mother of two plus a newborn, played by celestial god fallen to Earth, Charlize Theron.

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    But when Marlo is given the gift of a night nanny by her brother, she finds herself forming a bond with the young woman who is now helping to care for her children.

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    If you've seen any Diablo Cody/Jason Reitman collaborations, you know we can expect smart dialogue, expert shot choice, and a funny-but-teachable premise.

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    So, basically, if awesome writing and directing interests you, be sure to catch this when it hits theaters April 20, 2018!

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