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    Charlize Theron Had The Best Reaction To A "Mary Poppins Returns" Billboard

    The caption is practically perfect in every way.

    Alright, as you might already know, we’re only eight days away from Mary Poppins Returns hitting theaters!


    And I can probably safety say that all of us are excited to see this sequel (that has been 54 years in the making), especially since Emily Blunt is playing the titular character.


    Well, one celeb who is just as excited as the rest of us is Charlize Theron, who posted this photo onto her Insta today:

    She also captioned the photo of the billboard with this super cute and funny caption supporting her friend, Emily:

    And if you don't remember, Charlize and Emily do have a history together; the two co-starred in 2016's The Huntsman: Winter's War.


    I guess we know where Charlize will be on December 19th: Front and center at the movies for the first screening of Mary Poppins Returns, cheering on her friend Emily!


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