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    Charlize Theron And Kylie Jenner Had A Funny Exchange After The Actor Jokingly Compared Herself To The Reality TV Star

    "Who's who?"

    Charlize Theron and Kylie Jenner aren't two names you usually see in the same sentence but the internet brought them together today.

    When Charlize Theron posted a selfie after getting a makeover, she jokingly compared herself to Kylie Jenner.

    "Who's who?" Charlize jokingly captioned the pic.

    Vanity Fair / Via

    Although she didn't say who was responsible for her new look, fans think it might have been one of the actor's daughters, Jackson and August.

    When Kylie caught wind of the photo, she was quick to like it and jump in the comments.

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    Instagram/ @charlizeafrica

    If Kylie Cosmetics is looking for their next collaborator they may have just found her.

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