Kerry Washington Is The On-Set Selfie Extraordinaire, And More Things "The School For Good And Evil" Cast Shared

    I'd watch them in anything!

    The School for Good and Evil hit Netflix last week, and it really filled the fairy tale–sized hole in my heart!

    Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron look off-camera in a scene from the film

    And in honor of the movie's release, we invited the cast — Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Sophia Anne Caruso, and Sofia Wylie — to sit down with BuzzFeed and play a game of Who's Who!

    We learned that Charlize and Kerry did some major bonding between scenes.

    And we learned that Sophia Anne Caruso is most like her School for Good and Evil character.

    We even learned that Sofia Wylie and Kerry are self-proclaimed fairy tale experts.

    Basically, this entire video with Charlize, Kerry, Sophia, and Sofia is so perfect, and you can watch it right now:

    View this video on YouTube

    And be sure to go stream The School for Good and Evil, which is streaming on Netflix now!