33 "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" Behind-The-Scenes Photos And Videos That'll Make You Love The Cast Even More

    I just can't get enough of these besties 🥺.

    The Season 2 finale of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is here, people!

    And to celebrate, let's look through some of the best BTS pics from the show — here's a magnificant mix of cute Instagram pics and never-before-seen exclusive pics straight from the cast:

    1. This adorable group photo of the B-E-S-T Beauty and the Beast cast I've ever seen:

    2. This photo of Kate Reinders, Joe Serafini, Frankie Rodriguez, Julia Lester, and Larry Saperstein sporting their Ruth Bader Ginsberg masks:

    3. This forkin' fantastic photo of Olivia Rodrigo in her Beauty and the Beast costume:

    4. This photo of my new favorite co-anchors Sofia Wylie and Matt Cornett.

    5. This photo of The Beast and Gaston getting ready to duke it out:

    6. And then this pic of Matt and Joshua Bassett being real-life besties:

    7. This selfie of Dara Reneé and Frankie doing their best duck face:

    8. This adorable snap of besties Dara and Olivia:

    9. This shot of Josh and Larry hangin' around between scenes:

    10. This video of Josh's beastification:

    11. This shot of Olivia practicing some COVID-friendly dance moves:

    12. This glamour shot of Julia that just proves she's a real-life Disney princess:

    13. This photo of Larry and Josh that basically looks like a promo poster for a brand-new buddy comedy series:

    14. This snap of Matt taking Seb's tractor for a spin:

    15. This sweet shot of Frankie, Joe, and SO much hay:

    16. This sneaky shot of Olivia getting ready to sing her heart out:

    17. This silly snap of Matt and Julia unleashing their inner 6-year-olds:

    18. This super awk but also adorable photo of Alex Quijano and Mark St. Cyr:

    19. This snap of Sofia, Joe, Dara, Julia, and Olivia having a total lovefest backstage:

    20. This photo of Dara and her onscreen mom, Kimberly Brooks, being the sweetest mother-daughter duo a person could ask for:

    21. This shot of Larry gazing at Julia that just proves Big Red and Ashlyn need to be endgame:

    22. This smiley snap of Frankie, Kate, and Derek Hough inside the costume shop:

    23. This silly shot of Larry hanging out with his new costars — Olivia Rose Keegan, Roman Banks, and Andrew Barth Feldman:

    24. This photo of Olivia and Derek trying out their best North High intimidation tactics:

    25. This photo of power duo Julia and Sofia goofing around backstage:

    26. This cute pic of our favorite East High crew celebrating New Year's Eve:

    27. This photo of Roman and Olivia that honestly kinda looks like an outtake from The Masked Singer:

    28. This super-sweet group hug moment with Joe, Frankie, and Kate:

    29. This shot of Larry, Julia, and their Pride pizza:

    30. This sweet shot of Joe sittin' pretty in his Chip costume:

    31. This super-cute snap of Frankie and his mini-me, Noah Rico.

    32. This sweet video of the cast being total goofs on set:

    33. And finally, this group pic that's already making me wish for a third season:

    So, are you psyched for Season 3? Tell us in the comments. And be sure to watch the Season 2 finale of HSMTMTS, streaming on Disney+ now!