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I Bet You Can't Even Get 5/8 On This Week's Pop Culture Test

Disney, Comic-Con, FaceApp, and more!

Shyla Watson • 22 minutes ago
Shyla Watson • 11 hours ago

FYI, Even Furries Think The "Cats" Trailer Looks Bad

"Furries want something they can fuck/fap to and the Cats movie is not that," one furry said.

Ryan Broderick • 10 hours ago

14 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say, "We Don't Deserve Cats"

These floofs will INSTANTLY brighten your day!!

Stephen LaConte • 11 hours ago

Here Are The Funniest Tweets About The New "Cats" Trailer

Fur real, this trailer made me uncomfortable.

Ehis Osifo • 3 hours ago

Wet Bet You Don't Remember The Names Of All These Famous TV Pets

It's raining cats and dogs... and monkeys.

15 Grandparents Who Clearly Lied About Not Wanting Pets

Why have grandchildren when you can have a pet instead?

Here Are 15 Cat Posts From This Week That Are Truly A Delight

*sings a song for all of these sweet, sweet kitties*

19 Moms Who Didn't Want A Cat And Came Around Real Fast

There's no resisting a cat's love.


Should You Get A Dog Or Cat?

You need a furry friend!


You've Had Quite The Week, So Take A Break And Read These 19 Great Tumblr Posts

"The child of a mermaid and a centaur has a 1 in 4 chance of being a normal human."


16 Cats And Dogs That May Seem Lazy, But Are Actually Geniuses

It ain't called a "cat nap" for nothing.

18 Wholesome Tweets That'll Make Your Heart Grow Three Sizes

These tweets will make your heart explode!


14 Cat Posts From This Week That Will Spark A Lot Of Joy

This post contains one (1) chonky boy.

It's Been Another Wild Week On Tumblr, So Here Are The 18 Best Posts I Found

"My DNA test came back positive. I definitely have DNA."


People Are Sharing The "Least Flattering" Pics Of Their Pets And They're Adorably Heinous

Our scientific findings? Pets apparently do not have any "bad sides."

18 Photos That Prove Cats And Dogs Aren't The Pets, We Are

There's nothing deadlier than a sleeping pet.

15 Cat Posts From This Week That Will Excite You And Delight You

"Excuse me, do you have a license to be that small?"

18 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say, "Now THAT'S Good Content"

I dare you not to fall in love with these kitties.

31 Animal Tweets To Happily Scroll Through When You're Bored At Work

*pretends to compose work emails* *rewatches video of corgi riding a pony for the 10th time instead*

14 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say "Wow, I Really Needed This"

"I would die for this cat." —you reading this post


Are You More Of A Dog Or Cat Person?

We're asking the important questions.


Discover Which One Of Taylor Swift's Cats You Really Are

In honor of the newest Swift feline family member.


What Kind Of Asshole Is Your Cat?

What do you say when your cat hurts your feelings? Meouch.

You're Going To Crack A Smile At One Of These 31 Photos, I Promise You

It's important to remember there is good in the world.

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