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This Kitty Litter Knew My Cat Was Sick Before My Veterinarian Did

Actual quote from my vet: "If it hadn't been for PrettyLitter, we wouldn't have known anything was wrong."

Syd Robinson • 2 hours ago

The 19 Best Tumblr Posts I Saw This Week

Thank goodness Tumblr is free.


This "Spot The Flerken" Quiz Is Virtually Impossible

Captain Marvel fans know what's up.

14 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Warm Your Heart And Knead Your Belly

Click for a scientific breakthrough in the "If I fits, I sits" principle.

17 Great Tumblr Posts I Saw This Week That You Need To Have In Your Life

“So apparently sleeping doesn’t make your problems go away. I woke up and everything still sucked. Shocked and upset.”

28 Animal Adoption Stories That'll Make You Wanna FaceTime Your Pet Immediately

"I think animals know when we save them and thank us every day."

14 Smart, Useful, And Totally Adorable Ways People Got Their Pets Ready For A New Baby

“We played crying baby videos from YouTube for our dog so he’d get used to the sound."

We Gave Devin Her Ultimate Surprise Birthday

"This is just going to be the day of Devin cries a lot."

20 Animals Who Don't Understand The Concept Of Personal Space

If your cat **doesn't** sleep on your face, do they even love you?

People Are Sharing The Nicknames They Call Their Pets And It's Relatable AF

If you call your pet everything BUT their name, this is for you.


18 Reluctant Pet Parents Who Eventually Came Around

"My dad went from 'I don't want that dang cat' to carrying her to 'her room' for bed each night."

16 Thoughtful Ways People Have Memorialized Their Late Pets

"I made a memory quilt for my dog who passed away. She was 17 when she died, so the quilt has 17 hearts representing each year of her life."


21 Cats From This Week That'll Make You Say, "Welp, Time To Get A Cat"

"Happy Friday!" — All of these cats, probably.

Movies To Be Really Excited About In 2019

From Captain Marvel to The Lion King, and Us to Pokémon Detective Pikachu, there are a lot of new films to be excited about this year. In chronological order!

18 Pictures Of Cats That'll Make You Ask "Are They Okay?"

But they're all still so darn adorable!


5 BuzzFeed Videos You Can't Miss From This Week

Ready to kick back and start the weekend with some videos? Try these, hand-picked just for you.

Einfach nur 31 extrem süße Bilder von Katzenpfoten

Wenn du dich fragst "Warum?", dann bist du hier falsch.

21 Things Your Sassy Cat Deserves

Show your kitty some love.

This Cat Went For A Very Long Drive After Chilling In His Owner’s Car’s Engine

The fire brigade pulled Max the cat out from inside the engine’s air filter, and now he’s sauntering around like nothing even happened.

19 Cats With Puppy Dog Eyes

OK you can have my wallet.

16 Of The Best Heckin' Kitty Posts From This Week

These cats are festive as can be!

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