21 Cats Before And After Adoption That'll Make Your Heart Swell And Burst Over And Over And Over

    I'm not crying, you're crying!

    Disclaimer: While the "before" photos of these cats may be difficult to see, they've now been adopted and are safe, happy, healthy, and living their best lives!

    1. This cat who's a true titan (pun intended):

    2. This can whose eyes were dreamy before and after getting rescued:

    3. This cat whose daily brushing paid off in the best way:

    4. This cat who went on a weight loss journey in the name of health and I am here for it:

    5. These ferals turned snugglers:

    6. This cat who will never be left out in the rain again:

    7. This spoiled beauty who's absolutely thriving six months into adoption:

    8. This cat who went through a transformation that's beyond words:

    9. This cat who's still defying expectations:

    10. This cat who looks happy and healthy as can be:

    11. This cat who didn't let a neck wound stop him from becoming the cutest ever:

    12. This foster kitten who's doing AMAZING, sweetie:

    13. This cat who beat the odds and now is, indeed, a queen:

    14. This cat who didn't let losing a leg stop her from being the prettiest kitty there ever was:

    15. This cat who's living out his remaining years as he should:

    16. This cat who has a new, much cozier place to sleep these days:

    17. This cat who became the floofiest floof to ever floof:

    18. This cat who will only get more handsome with age:

    19. These triplets who are doing better than ever:

    20. This cat who found his bestie:

    21. And this cat who deserves nothing less than being pampered for the rest of his days:

    h/t: r/BeforeNAfterAdoption