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    18 Adorable Pets On TikToks Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

    Pups, baby bears, and kitties galore!

    Pets. They brighten our gloomy days and remind us that life is joyous. If only we could see life through their eyes!

    1. Here's a sweet cat that manages to navigate an obstacle course like a pro.

    2. Imagine coming home to this pupper after a long day of work...and he's just chillin'. It's hysterical!

    3. This tap-dancing pup just radiates joy!!!!

    4. Olive is so incredible. Seriously. Those eyes stare directly into your soul.


    her eyes said 😳 i’m so glad you guys are loving these videos of olive because she’s truly my entertainment lmao #browncat #shadowandbone #fyp


    5. This delicate angel pup loves to play dress-up. What a good sport!

    6. You can practically feel the internal struggle that this post-vet pup is going through. The confusion is real. I sincerely hope this pup got through whatever they were at the vet for and is back to their boisterous self now. 

    7. Ugh, the cuteness level is off the charts. Poor bub hurt their paw but is dealing with the injury like a champ.

    8. Behold: a classic sibling relationship playing out in succinct clips. The paws, tho. What floofs.

    9. This darling Samoyed named Sunny is ready for the wild, wild West.

    10. Are baby bears even allowed to be pets? I'm not sure flippin' cute is this?

    11. This kind of sad TikTok is also incredibly wholesome. The love is real!

    12. Please tell me you laughed at this. How could you not? The fight to end all fights is on, and it's epic.

    13. The funniest pairing is apparently a tiny fluffy pup and a baby bird...who knew? Please rejoice in this odd coupling.

    14. Is this sweet pup just trying to get used to their new outfit? Yes. 10/10 would recommend.

    15. This bear certainly knows how to relax! Takoda lives in a zoo and, from the looks of it, loves a good cooldown. Here for it!


    Takoda gave himself a beary quick #spring cleaning

    ♬ original sound - Oregon Zoo

    16. This deer might not be a house pet, but it sure does know how to frolic!


    عتريس يتحدئ احد يسوي نفسه الكل يشارك دويتو#فوازير_ثقافية

    ♬ original sound - Go Arabi

    17. While I highly doubt this random pelican is a house pet...the humor here is unmatched, so I'm including this one because it really does make me laugh, and I hope you laugh too.

    18. And finally, this pup who obviously needs a lesson in proper meal etiquette. Cute nonetheless.

    Let me know which pet made you smile the most. I hope this helped, and feel free to send me your cute pet TikToks, please.