If Your Roommate Does These 10 Things, They're Not Your Roommate Anymore — They're Your Cat

    They've been acting kinda sus.....

    1. You find their hair everywhere

    2. They wake you up in odd ways...

    3. For some reason, you can't stop taking pictures of them

    4. They try to do parkour at 3 a.m.

    5. They become a keyboard troll

    6. They can NEVER decide if they want to be inside or outside

    7. You are now the proud owner of a bakery!

    8. They stare at you while you poop

    9. They have the strangest diet

    10. And they are always sleeping

    Hopefully by the end of this, you are able to determine if your roommate is in fact a cat or not. When in doubt just whisper "pspspspspspsps," and if they come running...Boy, do I have some news for you!