These Adorable Cats Actually Love When It's Bathtime

    Splish splash, these cats are loving their bath.

    A wise man once said, "Cats and water don't mix" — but whoever said that has never met these cats!

    Here are some of TikTok's sweetest cats enjoying bathtime...

    1. The more bubbles, the better for Fox!

    2. Twiniboo is very polite about the whole bathtime thing.

    3. Marble is happy in the tub as long as he's got his toys!

    4. Kipo is all about getting soaped up in the shower.

    5. I don't think these kittens could be more excited about getting in the tub!

    6. This feline soaks up all of the attention during bathtime.

    7. Sunny is all about the treat at the end of a bath.

    8. Lancelot knows if he's gonna play in the mud, he's gotta take a bath.

    9. This duo may not have been happy, but at least they were well behaved.

    10. This sweet cat deserves all the love during bathtime.

    11. Don't mind Gus; he's just doing laps in the tub.

    12. These Savannahs love getting some time to splash around in the tub. 

    13. This lil' guy hops right in the shower with his owner!

    14. Milu is cutest, even during bathtime. 

    15. Barfi is all about a bath until it comes time to get out the blow dryer.