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    39 Dogs Who Have Stolen My Heart During The NYC Halloween Parade

    These dogs really showed up.

    Calling all dog lovers! This past Saturday, Oct. 22, was the 32nd annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

    Dianne Ferrer and Tim Lawson wheel french bulldogs, Carly and Max all dressed as a train and the conductors participate in the 32nd Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

    Hundreds of dogs and their humans dressed up to strut their stuff at the park to celebrate Halloween, as well as enter their annual costume competition.

    Cat Liu and Kevin Condardo wheel Mimi, a bichon dog, dressed as the bodega cat

    Today, I'll be rounding up only some of the cutest and most adorable costumes I got to see, as there were SO many. In no particular order, here are the pups:

    1. First up is this Wonder Bread cutie.

    a dog dressed as wonder bread

    2. This dog, who can play a song for me anytime.

    a dog dressed with an instrument

    3. This adorable family getting ready to set sail.

    a dog and their family dressed ready to set sail

    4. A stunning cowboy or cowgirl who's picture perfect.

    a dog dressed as a cow boy or cow girl

    5. A cutie pie dachshund dressed as a burger with their human as Bob from Bob’s Burgers.

    a dog dressed as a hot dog

    6. A loofa queen with her rubber ducky.

    a dog dressed in pink next to a rubber ducky

    7. A sweet lil' pumpkin.

    a dog with a little pumpkin on their head

    8. A shark doggo.

    a dog dressed as a shark

    9. Uh oh, watch out for this one.

    a dog dressed in jail attire

    10. A ladydog, love it.

    a dog dressed as a lady bug

    11. This dog as a hot dog — who is as cute as can be.

    a dog dressed as a hot dog

    12. An adorable croco-dog.

    a dock dressed as a crocodile

    13. A dog dressed as a chicken.

    a dog dressed as a chicken

    14. A cute lil' devil who has simply stolen my heart.

    15. This chaotic but hilarious dog dressed as Michael Myers.

    16. The sweetest strawberry.

    a dog dressed as a strawberry

    17. Hufflepuff madness.

    18. They're kind of a big dill.

    19. At this point, I have lost count of many dogs were dressed as hot dogs, but they will never get old to me.

    a dog dressed as a hot dog

    20. This cute pumpkin struttin' their stuff.

    a small dog dressed as a pumpkin

    21. A milk delivery person and their cow dog.

    22. This taco that was the sweetest dog.

    a dog dressed as a taco

    23. Spaghetti-o was camera shy.

    a dog dressed as spaghetti

    24. Wonder Woman NEVER looked so fabulous, and she knows it.

    a dog dressed as superwoman

    25. Suddenly, Chucky doesn't look so scary.

    a dog dressed as chucky

    26. This cutie pie who was very focused on their photo being taken.

    a dog dressed with a black and purple cap with a  green tie

    27. A bumble cutie.

    a dog dressed as a bee

    28. Batman and Robin.

    two dogs in a open crate dressed as batman and robin

    29. A hat fit for royalty.

    a dog dressed as royal

    30. This dog dressed as a Katz’s Deli sandwich.

    a dog dressed as a sandwich

    31. This ready-to-go rockstar.

    a dog dressed with a helmet

    32. A perfectly poised banana.

    a dog dressed as a banana

    33. A pirate cat (who may not be a dog, but they are welcome anytime).

    a cat dressed as a pirate

    34. Batwoman and another dog dressed as a leaf — the duo we didn't know we needed.

    a dog dressed as batwoman and another dog dressed as a leaf

    35. A fairy dog.

    a dog dressed as a fairy

    36. Another Robin, I love it.

    37. Sweet Jesus.

    a dog dressed as jesus

    38. This pup, who is ready for action.

    a dog dressed as they were in the military in a fake tank

    39. And lastly, this gentle dog dressed as tomato soup.

    a dog dressed as tomato soup

    Which dog costume was your fave? Let us know in the comments below.