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    19 Liquid Cats Who Said, "I Don't Abide By Scientific Rules, I Create Them"

    If cats say they're liquids, then they're liquids.

    Everyone knows that cats play by their own rules, even when it comes to science. Are they a solid? Yes. A liquid? Also yes. Here are 19 examples of just how mystical and liquid-y cats can truly be.

    1. This gallon-sized cat:

    2. This cat who is able to be in two places at once:

    3. This piece of melted cat cheese:

    4. This otherworldly creature: 

    5. This cat who doubles as a neck warmer:

    My mom and her cat Hobbes! He just likes sleepin like that

    Twitter: @ocmillustration

    6. This bag filled with cat:

    7. This slinky:

    8. This glass of milk:

    9. This cat whose belly was slowly melting:

    10. This hamper kitty:

    11. This cat who spilled themself all over the floor:

    12. This cat who oozed out of their container:

    13. This cat who loves being droopy on the couch:

    14. This cat who put their liquid state to good use:

    Twitter: @MothershipSG

    15. These cat loaves who showed off their adorable paws:

    16. This cat who was basically on a whole other level of relaxation:

    17. This sink-clog kitty:

    18. This growing cat plant:

    19. And finally, this liquid cat named Dixie:

    H/T: r/catsareliquid and r/aww.