19 Good Things That Happened This Week That I Think You Should Know About For Your Own Well-Being

    Aah, yes — there's joy, that old feeling!

    1. First off, this lovey loo proved all those anti-cat people WRONG!!!!!!!

    "cats are not affectionate" The cats:

    Twitter: @ilovecats_98

    2. This kid got into fitness, all of a sudden.......??? Hmmm, curious:

    15 yo daughter has a friend over and suddenly 13 yo son wants to walk around curling dumbbells.

    Twitter: @Fulkery1

    3. This chihuahua resigned to the fact that he had become Mr. Potato Head:

    a plastic wig on a dog's head

    4. This kitters sported her ✨bonnet✨ out in the ✨yard✨:

    a tiny straw hat on a cat

    5. Benny here was exhausted from all his guide dog initiating!!!!!!!

    This is Benny. He fell asleep during his guide dog initiation photoshoot. 12/10 we still think he has what it takes

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    6. This husky proved the cultural significance of Midsommar, except for all the bad parts 😌:

    a husky with a flower crown

    7. This kitterini basked in the comfort of a good ol' bottom bunk:

    8. This ol' guy didn't let anything slow him down 🥺💕:

    a dog laying down by a waterfall

    9. This Happy Meal remained happy........but also cute!!!!!!

    kitten inside of a paper bag

    10. This sweet mama let her truest of colors shine!!!!!!

    dog laying with his tongue hanging out

    11. This kid discovered the endless wonders of "deez nuts" jokes:

    My son, 7, has discovered “deez nuts” jokes and it’s all he says now. Everything is deez nuts. He simply can’t stop. I asked him where he heard that joke. He made me promise that if he told me, he wouldn’t get in trouble. I agreed. So he leans in and whispers, “deez nuts.”

    Twitter: @DCheverere

    12. This sweet, sweet Goldilocks enjoyed a big ol' Whiff O'Slipper:

    dog with his nose stuck in a show

    13. This lil' man was teensy weensy, and I simply do not know WHO GAVE HIM PERMISSION???!?!?!!

    14. This cat seemed to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle:

    cat smiling

    15. This tiny bb awaited the simple pleasure of another strawberry snack:

    dog resting its chin by a box full of strawberries

    16. This granddaughter stood up to her substitute teacher in the most ✨articulate✨ way possible!!!!!!!!!!

    I kid you not, the blonde substitute teacher told my almost 16 year old granddaughter, "You're very articulate for a Muslim girl." My granddaughter replied, "Good job. Articulate is a big word for you! Isn't it?" That's my girl!🥰

    Twitter: @rukhsanabooks

    17. I'm sorry to say that this cat was baked into a fruit tart!!!

    cat laying in a bed with plush toys shaped as fruit

    18. This pup toted his donut around, he did!!!!!!!!

    a dog with a large plush donut toy around his head

    19. And lastly, this pup gazed out at the world in precious, innocent wonder 💕: